Kerrry James Marshall, Vignette 13, 2008.

Kerry James Marshall

Owning the Past, Claiming the Present

This article originally appeared in our November/December 2008 issue on Everyday Politics:   In a text written for this show and displayed on one of…
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illustration by D. Collins

The Poseur

I did it for you, Charlie Jr.!

While going to school for graphic design, I was required to take a figure drawing class. My father, of course, was totally against it. “They’re…
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Mouvement Portfolio #3 (Mary Maenad), 2005; detail

No Beauty, No Truth

Mike Kelley’s new film wallows in the ugly

Mike Kelley’s first feature length movie takes place mainly at a high school. Cheery bright classrooms are full of 30-year-old sloppy students. Auditoriums stage assemblies…
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