Zarouhie Abdalian, To History, (2017), courtesy of the artist and Altman Siegel, San Francisco.

Zarouhie Abdalian

Altman Siegel Gallery, San Francisco

Known for her minimal interventions in public spaces, creating subtle shifts in environments, either visually or with sound, New Orleans-based Zarouhie Abdalian has garnered significant…
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Matt Kleberg, Bats Out Of Hell, 2017, ©Matt Kleberg, courtesy of the artist and Johansson Projects.


Johansson Projects, Oakland

“Knock-Kneed and Bow-Legged,” on view at Oakland’s Johansson Projects, stakes out territory in a harsh but brilliant realm where contradiction is the order of the…
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Lauren DiCioccio, (l-r) Stick ‘Em Up, Lap, Cross My Heart, 2016, ©Lauren DiCioccio, courtesy of the artist and Jack Fischer Gallery, San Francisco.

Lauren DiCioccio

Jack Fischer Gallery

If Lauren DiCioccio’s chosen materials of fabric, thread and found objects at first appear playful and lighthearted, a closer look reveals the disturbing little works…
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Teresa Braun, O Let Me Weep, 2016, ©Teresa Braun, courtesy of the artist and Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco

Teresa Braun

Catharine Clark Gallery

In this era of information overkill, one may absorb endless volumes, yet the impact of each tale remains a solitary and private event, each word…
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Sadie Barnette, Untitled (FBI, Racial Matters), 2016; ©Sadie Barnette, courtesy of Jenkins Johnson Gallery, San Francisco.

Sadie Barnette

Jenkins Johnson Gallery

While earlier exhibitions used horse racing as a point of departure and a metaphor, perhaps, for the handicapping aspect of the art world, “FROM HERE,”…
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Facade, Courtesy of the Minnesota Street Project

Seismic Shifts on the SF Gallery Scene

DoReMi New Arts District

In San Francisco’s downtown gallery district, one building, 49 Geary Street, once held the greatest concentration of the best galleries—over 20 on five floors. With…
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Owen Kydd, Moth, 2015

Owen Kydd

Casemore Kirkeby Gallery / San Francisco

With multimedia and hybrid disciplines on the rise, photographers, and artists who incorporate photographic materials and techniques into their work, continue to find ways to…
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Josh Jefferson, Little Blue Tree, 2015.

Josh Jefferson

Gallery 16 / San Francisco

Human beings are genetically programmed to respond positively to the face, no doubt a survival instinct, as babies bond with their nurturing parents. Perhaps not…
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Francesco Igory Deiana, Untitled (Haptic 05), 2015, photo courtesy of CULT | Aimee Friberg Exhibitions.

Francesco Igory Deiana

CULT/Aimee Friberg / san francisco

Our experience of the natural world is mediated through filters both internal and external. The scientific term “Haptic Rendering” refers to a robotic interface that…
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Michael Arcega, A Prih-Sohn Dancer’s Dream (Isolation chamber bedding and hanging object for beating), 2015

Michael Arcega

Johansson Projects / Oakland

Cultural anthropologists have traditionally brought assumptions of Eurocentric superiority to their studies of “primitive” societies, using language and presentations that cast the subjects in a…
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Gail Tarantino, From Dim to Bright-Henrietta, 2015.

Gail Tarantino

Fouladi projects / San Francisco

Harkening to the grace of bygone days when those who wished to communicate with one another would do so by putting pen to paper, East…
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Cornelia Schulz, Piece A Cake #5, 2015. Courtesy Patricia Sweetow Gallery/Spun Smoke, photo credit: David Schmitz.

Cornelia Schulz

Spun Smoke / San Francisco

Last fall Patricia Sweetow relocated to Oakland’s vibrant Uptown district, where Spun Smoke, her new venue, combines fine art with high-end, high-fire ceramics and a…
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Richard Hoblock, Corista, 2014, photo by Keith Petersen, San Francisco.

Richard Hoblock

Anthony Meier Fine Arts / San Francisco

Originally from the East Coast, San Francisco-based artist Richard Hoblock displays a palpable joy in the process and materials of painting, his second career. Previously…
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Surabhi Saraf, Capsules, 2014.

Surabhi Saraf

Hosfelt Gallery / San Francisco

Factories are not settings that usually inspire meditative or poetic work, but for artist Surabhi Saraf, the connection makes perfect sense. Saraf, who was born…
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