La Luz de Jesus: Hudson Marquez

La Luz de Jesus:

Hudson Marquez

Hudson Marquez, alumni of the art group Ant Farm and creator of The Cadillac Ranch, wants to make your sex life better—and it’s not by…
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Stiofan O'Ceallaigh, Decisions Decision, 2016

Exploring the Queer Self

“How Do I Look" at Da Vinci Art Alliance

As of late, queer art exhibitions have been popping up all over America. One such art show is “How Do I Look?: Shifting Representations in…
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Stella Installation at de Young

Stella Still Intriguing

Frank Stella at the de Young Museum, San Francisco

Half or more of the best new work in the last few years has been neither painting nor sculpture. —Donald Judd, Specific Objects 1965 When…
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Roy Lichtenstein, Wallpaper with Blue Floor Interior, 1992, ©Estate of Roy Lichtenstein/Gemini G.E.L., courtesy of the Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation, Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles

Roy Lichtenstein

Skirball Cultural Center

The standard museum retrospective brims with artworks supported with biographical and thematic information. “Roy Lichtenstein: Pop for the People” brims with biographical and thematic information…
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Vijat Mohindra, from exhibition "Always Believe that Something Wonderful is About to Happen", 2016

Vijat Mohindra

MaRS Gallery

Well known as a fashion photographer, Vijat Mohindra has made a career of photographing artsy spreads and celebrity fashion shoots for glossy magazines. He is…
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Genevieve Gaignard, Vanilla Ice, 2016, ©Genevieve Gaignard and courtesy of Shulamit Nazarian, Los Angeles.

Genevieve Gaignard

California African American Museum

Although Genevieve Gaignard’s fair complexion and red hair enabled her to blend in with her white contemporaries while growing up in a Massachusetts’ mill town,…
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Erika Rothenberg, Don’t Go Alone, 1992, ©Erika Rothenberg, courtesy of the artist and Charlie James Gallery, photo by Michael Underwood

Erika Rothenberg

Charlie James Gallery

Erika Rothenberg’s “House of Cards” is as timely now as it was when it was first shown in 1992. In our changing political climate, Rothenberg’s…
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Mickalene Thomas, “Do I Look Like a Lady?” 2016, ©Mickalene Thomas, courtesy of The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, photo by Brian Forrest

Mickalene Thomas

MOCA Los Angeles

 In 2008, Michelle Obama commissioned Mickalene Thomas to paint her official portrait, the first portrait of a First Lady who is a person of color….
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Allison Miller, Corner, 2016, ©Allison Miller, courtesy of the Artist and The Pit Gallery, Los Angeles, photo by Jeff Mclane.

Allison Miller

The Pit Gallery

 Allison Miller’s oeuvre is firmly and unequivocally rooted in the painting tradition, and yet is built upon a conviction, evident in her output over the…
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Bruce Conner, A MOVIE, 1958, courtesy of the Conner Family Trust and Kohn Gallery, Los Angeles, ©The Artist Rights Society.

Bruce Conner

Kohn Gallery

 In the darkened gallery, a single row of seats faces a large screen on which a series of images loop. These images run by in…
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Teresa Braun, O Let Me Weep, 2016, ©Teresa Braun, courtesy of the artist and Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco

Teresa Braun

Catharine Clark Gallery

In this era of information overkill, one may absorb endless volumes, yet the impact of each tale remains a solitary and private event, each word…
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James Hoff, Useless Landscape No. 41, 2016, courtesy Callicoon Fine Arts.

James Hoff

Callicoon Fine Arts Gallery

 Even in December, the trees on Delancey Street have a coppery glow. It is not the glow of fall foliage, not on a Lower East…
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Jud Fine and Barbara McCarren, Boat to Bird I (2014-2016). Photo by Jennie E. Park.

Jud Fine and Barbara McCarren


Jud Fine and Barbara McCarren’s And/Or show at the University Art Museum, Cal State University Long Beach channels us toward Keats’ notion of negative capability, or…
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Prism Prison, oil, shellac-infused ink, graphite, gold leaf, rabbit skin glue on canvas, 60 x 72 x 2.5 in

Christina McPhee

Cerritos Art Gallery

I’m looking at Second Sight (2016) by Christina McPhee, which carries the same title as her solo exhibition currently on view at Cerritos Art Gallery….
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Diamond Sea (still), 1997, ©Doug Aitken, courtesy of The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Los Angeles.

Looking At Doug Aitken

The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

Exiting Electric Earth, Doug Aitken’s immersive, multichannel narrative installation first presented in 1999 and immediately confronting Twilight (2016), an eerie, translucent ghost-like freestanding replica of…
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Henry Taylor, Gettin it Done, 2016; ©Henry Taylor, courtesy of the artist and Blum & Poe, Los Angeles/New York/Tokyo.

Henry Taylor

Blum & Poe Gallery

Henry Taylor has described his figurative painting, which is not infrequently straight portraiture, as landscape; and to press the point, he has taken the further…
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