Beach Scene

The Option of Comorbidity: Andi Magenheimer

Gallery Sensei / New York

In Andi Magenheimer’s “HpPy BRdDY,” a smiling and limbless dinosaur’s engorged human breasts graze the reflecting water below, imperturbably still while a rhododendron sheds its…
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installation view,
“Social Places” theme. Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, Photo: Brian Forrest.

Radical Women at the Hammer

Out From the Shadows

It’s often said that the victor writes the history, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that men, and society in general, have…
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Ken Gonzales-Day, Untitled #15, 1996, courtesy of the artist and Luis De Jesus Los Angeles.

Ken Gonzales-Day

Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

The singularly remarkable thing about Ken Gonzales-Day’s re-creation of his breakthrough 1993-96 photographic project, “Bone-Grass Boy: The Secret Banks of the Conejos River,” is the…
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Josefina Guilisasti, Objetos Light, 2014, photo by Rubén Diaz, courtesy 18th StreetArts Center

A Universal History of Infamy: Virtues of Disparity

18th Street Arts Center

Much like the Jorge Luis Borges book after which it is named, the 18th Street Arts Center’s PST: LA/LA exhibition addresses history and its delineations,…
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Alejandro Cartagena, Carpoolers #50, 2015, courtesy Kopeikin Gallery.

Alejandro Cartagena

Kopeikin Gallery

“The Collective Memory of the Worst Place to Live in the World Today If You Are Not White” is a small but nicely arranged exhibition…
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Brian Wills, Untitled (Red and Blue banded hovering thread), 2017, photo by Joshua White, courtesy of the artist and Praz-Delavallade.

Brian Wills: Line Light


Densely fretted and motion activated and crying out for every metaphorical use of the word string from art to design, music to physics, three new…
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On the Money 4, 2016 photo by Mark Steven Greenfield, courtesy Lora Schlesinger Gallery

Mark Steven Greenfield

Lora Schlesinger Gallery

Mark Steven Greenfield’s works explore the complexities of the African American experience, speaking to personal as well as universal themes. While earlier works explored stereotypes…
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Graciela Iturbide, Virgen de Guadalupe, Chalma, México, 2007, courtesy Scripps College, Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery.

Revolution and Ritual: The Photographs of Sara Castrejón, Graciela Iturbide and Tatiana Parcero

Scripps College, Ruth Chandler  Williamson Gallery

“Revolution and Ritual,” while very narrowly focused on three Mexican women photographers, seeks to address in broad strokes changes in ideas about Mexican identity through…
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Installation view of Julio Le Parc’s Continuel-lumiére avec formes en contorsion, 1966/2012, photo by Lance Gerber, courtesy Palm Springs Art Museum.

Kinesthesia: Latin American Kinetic Art, 1954-1969

Palm Springs Art Museum

Kinetic Art, like so many postwar movements, arose simultaneously in several disparate corners of the world, coalesced in the late 1950s and early ’60s, and…
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Valeska Soares, Duet I (from After), 2007, courtesy Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

Valeska Soares: Any Moment Now

Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Brazilian artist Valeska Soares’ mid-career survey at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, her first solo museum exhibit in the western United States, seamlessly expresses…
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Installation view of Memories of 
Underdevelopment: Art and the Decolonial Turn in Latin America, 1960-1985, photo by Pablo Mason, courtesy Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.

Memories of Under-development

Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego

“Memories of Underdevelopment” is a sweeping exhibition composed of 400 objects from more than 50 artists from eight countries throughout Latin America. It shares its…
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Ahrong Kim, Dive In, 2016, Photo by Louise ORourke. Courtesy The Clay Studio.

Ahrong Kim

The Clay Studio, Philadelphia

Right as you cross the threshold into Ahrong Kim’s show “Internal Voice” at the Clay Studio, you’re met by five pairs of eyes set into…
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installation view

Richard Turner: Air Becomes Breath

Santa Ana College Art Gallery

What do we have when those closest and dearest to us pass away and what do we do with the things that were once theirs?…
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Jim Shaw, The Wig Museum, installation view at the Marciano Art Foundation, 2017, photo by Robert Wedemeyer, courtesy Marciano Art Foundation

Jim Shaw

Blum & Poe; Marciano Art Foundation

In his short video Tales from the Wig Museum (2017), on view at Blum & Poe gallery, Jim Shaw appropriates the style of the opening…
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Edgar Arceneaux, “Until, Until, Until...,” Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, installation view, courtesy of the artist and Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, photo by Robert Wedemeyer

Edgar Arceneaux

Susanne Vielmetter

There are a number of emotional responses to walking through a graveyard: firstly, satisfaction that one is walking at all and not an insensate resident;…
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Naida Osline, Sacred Datura, 2010, courtesy of the artist

Naida Osline

Riverside Art Museum

Culled from five different series of Naida Osline’s photographic work since 2007, “Florescence” examines an arc of her practice that is focused on taxonomies of…
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