Glenn Kaino, A Shout Within a Storm, 2014, installation view at Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, photo Joshua White/JW, courtesy Honor Fraser Gallery.

Building Bridges: Glenn Kaino

Glenn Kaino's Genre-bending Game

After dodging the reporters and cameramen that were shooting footage of Leonard Nimoy’s star for memorial news coverage on Hollywood Boulevard, I was buzzed into…
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Analia Saban, The Painting Ball (48 Abstract, 42 Landscapes, 23 Still Lives, 11 Portraits, 2 Religious, 1 Nude), 2005, courtesy the artist.

Analia Saban

An acknowledgment of tradition coupled with a refusal to conform to established conventions makes Analia Saban an artist not easily categorized. Her work flows seamlessly…
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Preston Daniels, Painting With A Shotgun, 2014.

Kris Kuksi and Preston Daniels

Mark Moore Gallery / Los Angeles

Death, destruction, strife and pollution—the pairing of Kris Kuksi’s and Preston Daniels’ variations of dark sensationalism transport us to their version of artistically-mediated Armageddon, with…
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Chas Smith welding on a Nancy Rubins' piece. Photo by Rainer Hosch.

Some Assembly Required

Guest Editor Seth Hawkins

Upsize, supersize, largesize, megasize—there are most likely a dozen more of these contemporarily fabricated verbs that are necessitated by our want/need to consume at the…
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Charles Long in the foundry, putting the finishing touches on a new sculpture for his upcoming show in New York.

The (Charles) Long Road Home

Charles Long returns to his roots

One artist who is returning to his roots after spending the last several years working on massive projects is sculptor Charles Long. For his next…
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Stecher in his San Gabriel studio with Long’s work. Photo by Seth Hawkins.

Unsung Hero

Fred Stecher Makes It Happen

Unbeknownst to many, the majority of sculptors that are known for creating large sculptures in bronze, never actually work with the material. Rather they sculpt…
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