photo courtesy of Carolina Restepo at La Mama Experimental Theater Club.

Karen Finley at REDCAT

Taking on the (Art) World

Karen Finley’s The Expanded Unicorn Gratitude Mystery unfolds similarly to a dream that makes complete logical sense when experiencing it, but is difficult to piece…
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Charles Atlas

The 57th Venice Biennale: Old with the New

I have had the opportunity to visit the Venice Biennale on numerous occasions. In reflecting, I realize that what makes one trip stand out over…
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Downtown Boys

Basquiat Behavior

Last Summer Happening at The Broad

There’s a picture that photographer Virginia Liberatore took of painter Jean-Michel Basquiat and Madonna in 1983. The two stars, who were dating at the time,…
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Ashley Shaw, photo by Johan Persson

Dance: The Red Shoes

Ahmanson Theatre

The Red Shoes (1948) is perhaps the most famous dance film of all time. Sumptuously shot in Technicolor and directed by Michael Powell and Emeric…
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Greg at his Chinatown gallery, 2015, photo by Lynda Burdick.

Greg Escalante 1955–2017

Lowbrow Art Enthusiast, Collector, Founder of Juxtapoz; Loved it All

Greg Escalante was a Southern California art collector and dealer who was a co-founder of Juxtapoz magazine as well as the driving force behind the…
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Spacechola Live!, 2012

Sandra de la Loza’s bookish, spirited activism

Ghosts of the Archive

In Sandra de la Loza’s art, research—what she calls “the archive”—is central to her process. Treating archival material as mutable; she relies on it to…
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Salon of Beauty, 2011, cardboard, paper, site-specific installation commissioned by Rice Gallery, Houston, photo by Nash Baker

Ana Serrano Shifts her Latino Neighborhoods

Barrios de Cartón

Ana Serrano’s colorful cardboard sculptures of cityscapes and buildings, inspired by Latin American vernacular architecture, will be featured prominently this fall in two PST: LA/LA…
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Jose Dávila, Sense of Place, 2017. Concrete, 40 pieces, Overall: 8'x8'x8', individual dimensions variable. 
Courtesy of Estudio Jose Dávila, 2017

Guadalajara artist Jose Dávila moves around LA

Hollywood Squares

When I heard the title of Jose Dávila’s recent book, Daylight Found Me with No Answer, it sounded familiar. During the years I was living…
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Nature Self-Portrait #10, 1996, gelatin silver print

The courageous photography of Laura Aguilar

Natural Beauty

Every morning I wake up and see At Home with the Nortes (1990). In this black-and-white photograph, a family sits in the living room watching…
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Claudio Caldini, Argentina, Un enano en el Jardin, 1981,© Claudio Caldini 1981.

PST: LA/LA Artillery Recommendations

Latin America in LA: Getty Crush Spawns Exhibition Explosion

Even more than its predecessor, the first Getty Pacific Standard Time initiative that ignited Los Angeles’ arterati six years ago, PST: LA/LA conjures a kind…
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Los Super Elegantes: I Am The Door Los Angeles, 9 9–11-4-17
Opening 9-9, 6-9pm
Performance at 8pm
Gavlak Gallery

Galerías en LA/LA

Participating Los Angeles Area Gallery LIstings Recommendations.

Mid-Wilshire 1301PE Jorge Mendez Blake 0/9–10/21/17 Sprüth Magers, Los Angeles David Lamelas: “Time as Activity” 9/7–10/21/17 The Loft at Liz’s “South of the…
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Lourdes I. Ramos

Dr. Lourdes I. Ramos was recently appointed as President and CEO of the Museum of Latin American Art in May. Previously, she served as Executive…
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James Turrell, Celestial Vault at Stroom, 1996

The Netherlands

Viewing Contemporary Art in Serene surroundings

Holland has an illustrious past and rich history in art, from golden age painters Rembrandt and Vermeer through modernist legends van Gogh, Mondrian and the…
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Puno MoCA, (2011), installation by Donna Huanca and Roy Minten, photo by Roy Minten

Conceptual Museum: Cesar Cornejo

Constructing Spaces for Art in the Peruvian Andes

Cesar Cornejo sees artists as outsiders. They confront things that other people won’t—or can’t—see, the Peruvian-born artist told me in an interview in May, three…
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South of the Border Down Tijuana Way

South of the Border Down Tijuana Way

24-Hour Arty People

Tijuana’s most famous contribution to art is the painting of zonkeys: combining donkeys with zebras so the pale Equus would stand out in black-and-white photographs….
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Akram Zaatari. Against photography. An annotated history of the Arab Image Foundation 
2017, Exhibition views
Foto: Miquel Coll

Off the Beaten Path in Barcelona

Going Underground On The Fly

I landed in Barcelona a little sweaty, slightly hung over, and very much lost. Much to my surprise, the discount tickets I purchased for $350…
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