Willys de Castro, Objeto ativo (cubo vermelho/branco) / Active Object (Red/white cube) (1962), courtesy Patricia Phelps de Cisneros.

Making Art Concrete

Getty Museum

“Making Art Concrete: Works from Argentina and Brazil in the Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros” makes for a companion exhibition to the Palm Springs Art…
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Installation view of Julio Le Parc’s Continuel-lumiére avec formes en contorsion, 1966/2012, photo by Lance Gerber, courtesy Palm Springs Art Museum.

Kinesthesia: Latin American Kinetic Art, 1954-1969

Palm Springs Art Museum

Kinetic Art, like so many postwar movements, arose simultaneously in several disparate corners of the world, coalesced in the late 1950s and early ’60s, and…
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Frank Romero, The Arrest of the Paleteros, 1996, courtesy of Cheech Marin, image courtesy of Cheech Marin.

DREAMLAND: A Frank Romero Retro

Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach

Chicano art is at once a unified cultural expression and an ever-changing record of social and geographic situation. But regional inflections invariably emerge—and, certainly in…
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Peter Zaleski, Boulders 2-Joshua Tree, 2016, courtesy the artist

Peter Zaleski

LA Artcore

Long dedicated to an elegant abstraction reliant on repeated forms and broken, almost prismatic, visual fields, all rendered in limpid colors, Peter Zaleski has recently…
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Rachel Lachowicz, “House Under Construction”, 2017 © Rachel Lachowicz, courtesy of Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Los Angeles.

Rachel Lachowicz

Shoshana Wayne Gallery

For Rachel Lachowicz, lipstick—the actual infused-wax substance—has long functioned not simply as a gimmick, or brand, or even social signifier, but as a kind of…
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Roy Lichtenstein, Wallpaper with Blue Floor Interior, 1992, ©Estate of Roy Lichtenstein/Gemini G.E.L., courtesy of the Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation, Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles

Roy Lichtenstein

Skirball Cultural Center

The standard museum retrospective brims with artworks supported with biographical and thematic information. “Roy Lichtenstein: Pop for the People” brims with biographical and thematic information…
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Marilyn Minter, Coral Ridge Towers (Mom Smoking Extra Longs), 1969. ©Marylin Minter, courtesy of Beth Rudin, Orange County, CA.

Marilyn Minter

Orange County Museum of Art / Newport, CA

Marilyn Minter’s is an art of amplification. This befits a painter and sometime photographer who came of age in New York in the 1970s; her…
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Virginia Broersma, Pool Party Jitters, 2016

Virginia Broersma

The Lodge / Los Angeles

Virginia Broersma’s exploitation of wet-on-wet painting is not simply self-indulgent, it is lavish, extravagant, and delirious, amplifying what is already a relatively excessive technique into…
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Kim Schoenstadt, Sightline Construction Series No. 5, 2015, courtesy of the artist and Chimento Contemporary, photo by Ruben Diaz.

Kim Schoenstadt

Chimento Contemporary / Los Angeles

Kim Schoenstadt’s approach to visual art conflates two and three dimensions, crawling up the wall and on the floor, gelling into freestanding objects even as…
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Clayton Campbell, Selfie Self Satisfaction Dance Before Dinner, 2015

Clayton Campbell

Coagula Curatorial / Los Angeles

The series of relatively small digital photomontages Clayton Campbell has assembled under the rubric “Wild Kingdom” satirize social habits—on more than just the most evident…
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Carol Es, Ladder to Dad, 2014.


Shulamit Gallery / Los Angeles

Carol Es has long drawn upon two major factors in her personal history—factors that she recognizes that she shares with many others, but perhaps not…
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Amir H. Fallah, First Person Shooter Game, 2015. Courtesy of the artist and Charlie James Gallery.


Charlie James and 18th Street Art Center / Los Angeles

Despite their welter of contrivances, and their aesthetic dependency on such elaboration, Amir Fallah’s paintings maintain a deep, charming and abiding sense of mystery. Like…
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Al Payne, The Painting Sheds & Paris, 2015, installation view, photo courtesy of The Box, LA and Chris Payne.

Al Payne

The Box Los Angeles

This survey of Al Payne’s work goes back a half century and spans his entire career, establishing the late artist as an assured painter and…
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Mark Steven Greenfield, Dale, 1985, collection of the Brockman Gallery.

Mark Steven Greenfield

California African American Museum / Los Angeles

Mark Steven Greenfield has been something of a fixture on the Los Angeles art scene since the 1970s, better known as an administrator and arts…
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