A Life in Art, LA Style

“I am for an art that embroils itself with the everyday crap and still comes out on top”—Claes OldenburgNearly everyone who has ever written about…
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Illustration by Alisa Yang.


A Guide To Artists Who Don’t Make Their Own Art

① Non-Dickheadsa) If 90 people are credited with making this art it’s okay because it looks like it might’ve actually taken 90 people to make…
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Illustration by Alisa Yang

DECODER: Shades of Fame

Get It While You Can

Art fame is a weird fame: I know artists whose work has been seen by millions who can’t pay the rent. I know artists with…
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Ilustration by Alisa Yang

Decoder: The Money Pit

Where art goes to die

The influence of money on art, you may have heard, is pernicious—or toxic, or corrupting or it is another word that means “bad.” Especially these…
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