Carlos Ramirez, Mr. Brown (2016), courtesy of the artist and New Image Art.

New Image Art:

Carlos Ramirez

The relevancy of “Complejo de Cristo y Vampiros,” Carlos Ramirez’s first solo show at New Image Art, couldn’t be timelier given our new president’s executive…
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Genevieve Gaignard, Vanilla Ice, 2016, ©Genevieve Gaignard and courtesy of Shulamit Nazarian, Los Angeles.

Genevieve Gaignard

California African American Museum

Although Genevieve Gaignard’s fair complexion and red hair enabled her to blend in with her white contemporaries while growing up in a Massachusetts’ mill town,…
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Miya Ando, Spectrum Aura, 2016; ©Miya Ando, courtesy of Lora Schlesinger Gallery.

Miya Ando

Lora Schlesinger Gallery

A descendent of samurai-era Bizen sword makers, Miya Ando was first introduced to metalworking as a child while living in a Japanese Buddhist Temple. In…
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Peter Opheim, Untiltled no.285, 2016, ©Peter Opheim, courtesy of Zevitas Marcus Gallery, Los Angeles.

Peter Opheim

Zevitas Marcus Gallery / Los Angeles

In 2011, Peter Opheim abandoned abstraction and began sculpting small maquettes out of colored clay, which he’s continued to transform into monumental oil paintings that…
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Farrah Karapetian, Accessory to Protest: Sneakers, 2011, Chromogenic photogram, 24 x 30”, Unique, courtesy of the artist and Von Lintel Gallery

The Analog Revolution

Shock of the Old

The first to grow up in an image-centric world where the mass-dissemination of images via film, print and television started to infiltrate American culture on…
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Kathy Butterly

Kathy Butterly

Shoshana Wayne / Los Angeles

Looking like contorted urns collapsing inward or twisting outward, the 16 new cup-sized works that comprise “The Weight of Color,” Kathy Butterly’s fifth show with…
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Jamison Carter, Sol, 2015, courtesy of Klowden Mann, photo by Lee Thompson

Jamison Carter

Klowden Mann / Los Angeles

“A Cold War,” Jamison Carter’s current solo exhibition, and his second with Klowden Mann, revisits dichotomous themes introduced in his 2013 solo exhibition with the…
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