July/Aug 2015



Shana Lutker, Onward and Upward, 10 billboards, Jackonville, FL, 2013.  A LAND Exhibition: The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project.

Curators Unbound

The Rise of the Independent Nonprofits


There are many versions of “space” in the art world, from the high gloss of a pristine museum exhibition to the cozy confines of a… Read More

Tyler Vlahovich, Elmo Event, 2015, Sharpie on mylar balloon, from Los Angeles Museum of Art’s project space.

Laurel Doody & LAMOA

An Apartment that's not an Apartment and a Museum that's not a Museum


Alongside Los Angeles’ mainstream exhibition spaces, an eddy of alternative art venues swirl for a time, submerge and disappear, enjoying varying degrees of notice. A… Read More

Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno with Survivaballs (courtesy Nate Igor Smith)


The Yes Men’s Camouflaged Artful Politics


So, somehow I wound up teaching a couple of Modern Art History classes, right? I’m not exactly thrilled with the default textbooks, so I’m keeping… Read More