James Turrell, Celestial Vault at Stroom, 1996

The Netherlands

Viewing Contemporary Art in Serene surroundings

Holland has an illustrious past and rich history in art, from golden age painters Rembrandt and Vermeer through modernist legends van Gogh, Mondrian and the…
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Grace Hartigan, The King Is Dead, 1950, Permanent Collection, Snite Museum of Art,
University of Notre Dame, 
Estate of Grace Hartigan.

Women of Abstract Expressionism

Palm Springs Museum of Art

Abstract Expressionist painting remains one of the most pivotal and enigmatic art movements of the 20th century. Its continued influence on current abstract painting can…
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Andy Moses, The Deep, 2005, ©Andy Moses, photo by Alan Shaffer

Andy Moses

Pete and Susan Barrett Art Gallery

The origins of Color Field—one of the more intriguing forms of contemporary abstract painting—seem to lie in 19th-century Romanticism, particularly in a few radically reductive…
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Stella Installation at de Young

Stella Still Intriguing

Frank Stella at the de Young Museum, San Francisco

Half or more of the best new work in the last few years has been neither painting nor sculpture. —Donald Judd, Specific Objects 1965 When…
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Hannah Wilke, Untitled, 1970, red latex on plywood board, collection of Margaret and Daniel S. Loeb, ©Marsie, Emanuelle, Damon and Andrew Scharlatt, Hannah Wilke Collection & Archive, Los Angeles/Licensed by VAGA, New York, photo: Jamie Grafton Photography

The Feminine Nonfigurative

Modern Sculpture by Women at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel

“Revolution in the Making: Abstract Sculptures by Women, 1947–2016” inaugurates the sprawling new complex recently opened by Hauser Wirth & Schimmel in downtown Los Angeles’…
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Christian Marclay, Cigarettes, 2016 (video still) Single-channel projected animation, silent Continuous loop
© Christian Marclay, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

Astract Animation

Christian Marclay at Fraenkel Gallery

Street photography is one of the great genres of modernist photography, peaking at mid-century with the work of Robert Frank, Gary Winogrand, Helen Levitt and…
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Charles Ross constructing Star Axis near Las Vegas, New Mexico, 1976, from Troublemakers: The Story of Land Art, a film by James Crump, photograph © Elizabeth Ginsberg.

FILM: Troublemakers

The Story of Land Art, Directed by James Crump

Land Art, also known as Earth Art, emerged in the period that was, with hindsight, clearly one of the most radical, innovative, experimental  and groundbreaking…
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Jackson Pollock, Mural, 1943, (detail) The University of Iowa Museum of Art, Gift of Peggy Guggenheim, 1959.6. Reproduced with permission from the University of Iowa.

The Bold Standard

Abstract Painting Must Still Measure up to Pollock

IN THE BEGINNINGThere is something about abstraction. The concept of the non-pictorial, non-mimistic image is unique in art, and in the world. Sometimes it seems…
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James Turrell, Breathing Light, 2013, LACMA, Photo Florian Holzherr

Psychedelic Shack

Seeing Yourself Seeing With James Turrell

If one thinks of the essence of Modernism as being about direct experience rather than recreated experience, the artist who has really continued to expand…
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