Emily Halpern

Artists Continuing the Fight

ONE YEAR at the Brand Library

A large and remarkably diverse crowd filled the Brand Library & Art Center on Saturday, November 18, for “ONE YEAR of Living Dangerously: Political Art…
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by Judithe Hernandez (detail)

Politically Powerful and Often Seductive

Judithe Hernandez' art at Millard Sheets Art Center

On Saturday afternoon, the Millard Sheets Art Center at the Fairplex in Pomona hosted dialogue between UCLA art historian Charlene Villasenor Black and exhibiting artist…
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Osceola Refetoff, Desert Vista Cinco CA, 2009

Osceola Refetoff: A Room with a View

Fresh Eyes on the Desert

An austere flat horizon is blanketed by intensely blue sky and bracketed by the remnants of an orange window frame, its rectilinear quiet slyly evoking…
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Nordic Pavilion Detail

Some Faves and Some Suck

Impressions of the 2015 Venice Biennale

The Venice Biennale, founded in 1895, now includes 30-plus national pavilion spaces in the Giardini area, a mindboggling abundance of ancillary exhibitions (including especially the…
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Traps, Rachel Rosenthal Performance, 1989, Photo by Daniel Joseph Martinez.

In Memoriam: Rachel Rosenthal

Rachel Rosenthal (1926–2015)

Los Angeles has lost one of its most important and influential artists: Rachel Rosenthal. A pioneer of avant-garde theater and performance art, Rosenthal inspired several…
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Leigh Salgado, Ballerina, 2015.

Leigh Salgado

Launch / Los Angeles

Our clothes are, as Virginia Woolf reminds us, more than “vain trifles” serving “to merely keep us warm.” Instead, as Woolf asserts, “They change our…
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Offramp Gallery dealer and founder, Jane Chafin, photo by Chaz Alexander.


Jane Chafin Interview

JANE CHAFIN owns and operates Offramp Gallery with life partner Chaz Alexander out of their historic home in Pasadena, California. ARTILLERY: You grew up in…
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Jane Chafin, photo by Chaz Alexander.


Grande Dame for Pasadena

Technically, a grande dame is a highly respected elderly or middle-aged woman who has extensive experience in her field. Although gallerist Jane Chafin is certainly…
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Jim Morphesis, No Sanctuary, 1981, collection of Ray Mnich.

Jim Morphesis

Pasadena Museum of California Art

To walk into the Jim Morphesis exhibition at the Pasadena Museum of California Art is to be flooded by rich, intense waves of color. The…
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Rebecca Ripple, Kim Abeles. Photo by Carol Cetrone.

Rebecca Ripple and Kim Abeles’ Shared Journey

Kindred Spirits

Many young artists, especially those coming right out of school, find working as a studio assistant to be a valuable intermediary step. If they are…
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