Karolina Dankow

Dharma Karma from Zurich to LA

"Hot Mess" at Karma LA

Setting afoot into an office space building was the last place I expected to be on a Friday evening. As I approached Karma International’s gallery…
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Afraid of Modern Living | World Imitation & Monitor 1977-1982, installation view, courtesy of These Days.

These Days:

Afraid of Modern Living

The unassuming These Days gallery, which lies on the second floor off an alleyway in downtown LA, currently houses an impressive installation titled, “Afraid of…
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Downtown Art Walk

Downtown Art Walk

Still Thriving but Light on the Art

Feeling apprehensive as I walked to the nearest Red Line stop to catch a train downtown; I believe that the last time I tried doing…
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Seth Kaufman, "Please," installation view, courtesy of the artist.

The Situation Room:

Seth Kaufman

Seth Kaufman has made a startling new body of work, and has transitioned from sculpture to photography as effortlessly as a caterpillar transitions into a…
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Viewers taking in Greenfield's work, photo by Michael Kovac/Getty images for Anneberg Foundation.

Conspicuous Consumption Indeed

Lauren Greenfield's "Generation Wealth" at Annenberg Space for Photography

I forgot to eat! My stomach grumbled as I mentioned to my friend that I hoped there might be some food at the opening of…
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"Top Five Buddy Cop Films," installation view, courtesy of Steve Turner.

Steve Turner:

Top Five Buddy Cop Films

One could argue that the buddy cop genre has been with us since well before In the Heat of the Night; that it’s among the…
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Susan Sironi, untilted, 2017, paper signatures from vintage book, thread, detail

Netflix’s “Medici: Masters of Florence” and a Book That Gives You the Real Scoop

This week’s Image of the Week is by Los Angeles based artist Susan Sironi. Click here to learn more about her and her amazing work….
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For Mature Audiences Only

For Mature Audiences Only

Luis De Jesus and Thinkspace

Thinkspace was infested with BFAs and mosquitoes Saturday night. We waited in line for the bar behind a kid who would not stop bragging about…
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Dean Monogenis, Long Gone (2017), courtesy of the artist and Walter Maciel Gallery.

Walter Maciel Gallery:

Dean Monogenis

Dean Monogenis destroyed nine paintings putting them on display in a work entitled Black Hole. Feeling the need to purge, Monogenis selected older pieces from the gallery’s…
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