Christian Maychack, Perpetual Climber (CF61), 2017, courtesy of Gregory Lind Gallery

Christian Maychack

Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco

In Kafka’s “The Cares of a Family Man,” we meet a small, strange creature lurking on the narrator’s stairway and in his foyer. No animal,…
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Chris Antemann, Forbidden Fruit Dinner Party (detail), 2013, Meissen Porcelain®, image courtesy of MEISSEN®

Chris Antemann

Crocker Art Museum / Sacramento, CA

The term forbidden fruit nowadays refers to mere guilty pleasures, but it once designated the fatal, tragic fruit of knowledge—knowledge of sex, or course, being…
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Rachelle Bussières, Caverne II, 2016, ©Rachelle Bussières, courtesy of Robert Koch Gallery, San Francisco.

Lauren Marsolier, Rachelle Bussières

Robert Koch Gallery

The endless deluge of photographs from digital cameras—one trillion photos were taken in 2015—seems to have made everyone in the online world both a photographer…
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Robert Buelteman, Aspen Turning, 2007

The Science of Seeing

The Aura of Kirlian Photography

Two hundred years ago, the hierarchy of subjects taught to academic painters placed history and mythology at the top, with landscape and still life at…
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Bella Feldman, Break in Case of Emergency, 2015.

Bella Feldman and Ron Weil


Two Bay Area artists, the sculptor/painter/collagist Bella Feldman and the draftsman (for lack of a better term) Ron Weil, show that intelligence, passion and craftsmanship…
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Julian Wasser, Duchamp Playing Chess with a Nude (Eve Babitz), Duchamp Retrospective, Pasadena Art Museum, 1963, © Julian Wasser

Julian Wasser

Robert Berman / E6 Gallery / San Francisco

It’s been said that the first half of the 20th century was Picasso’s and the second half, Duchamp’s. The transition from modernist painting to today’s…
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Robert Frank, Main Street -
Savannah, Georgia, 1955, gift of Raymond B. Gary, © Robert Frank.

Robert Frank in America

At Cantor Arts Center

In 1955, the 31-year-old Swiss photographer Robert Frank went looking for America, driving 10,000 miles across 30 states, in a kind of photographic enactment of…
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Dorothea Tanning, Eclipse, 1966, Tanning: Image courtesy of the Dorothea Tanning Foundation and Gallery Wendi Norris, San Francisco


Gallery Wendi Norris / San Francisco

Dorothea Tanning was a painter, printmaker, sculptor, set designer, writer and poet who died last year at the age of 101. Best known for her…
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