Christopher Miles, Jefferson Gene Lee Philip Duval, 2013

Another Thing Coming

New Sculpture at Torrance Art Museum

Twenty miles outside of Los Angeles there happens to be one of the best shows of the season. “Another Thing Coming,” the Torrance Art Museum’s…
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Ronald Ventura, Cross Roads to Nowhere, 2014

Ronald Ventura at Tyler Rollins Fine Art

The Haunting Omnipresence of Catholicism

Internationally acclaimed artist Ronald Ventura’s third solo exhibition “E.R. (Endless Resurrection)” at Tyler Rollins Fine Art gallery in New York is his strongest yet. Taking…
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Old Man, 2014

The Miaz Brothers

Fabien Castanier Gallery

No doubt The Miaz Brothers   (from Venice, Italy) believe in ghosts, weirdly seductive apparitions, or at the very least “antimatter perception.” Indeed the latest…
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“Sponsored Video” Caribbean Dreams

“Sponsored Video”
Caribbean Dreams

Here’s a little fun—a whiskey dream starring Jude Law and Giancarlo Gianini, shot for Johnnie Walker Blue Label. It opens aboard an antique yacht in…
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Plateaus, 2014

Rashid Johnson

David Kordansky Gallery

Rashid Johnson’s newest effort, “Islands,” like subsequent exhibitions of his work at the David Kordansky Gallery encompasses a difficult, if necessary journey into and beyond…
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Marion Lane, I Am A Bird, 2014

Double Trouble

Coagula Curatorial

 The art of successful collaboration involves the ability to transcend the individual vision in favor of the project as a whole, and Rochelle Botello and…
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Editor’s Letter

Editor’s Letter

September/October 2014

Dear Readers,Lately I’ve been getting wistful for the past. It’s not that I want to go back, never to return. It’s more that I yearn…
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Chas Smith welding on a Nancy Rubins' piece. Photo by Rainer Hosch.

Some Assembly Required

Guest Editor Seth Hawkins

Upsize, supersize, largesize, megasize—there are most likely a dozen more of these contemporarily fabricated verbs that are necessitated by our want/need to consume at the…
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Charles Long in the foundry, putting the finishing touches on a new sculpture for his upcoming show in New York.

The (Charles) Long Road Home

Charles Long returns to his roots

One artist who is returning to his roots after spending the last several years working on massive projects is sculptor Charles Long. For his next…
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Chas Smith in his machine shop. Photo by Rainer Hosch.

Hired Gun: Chas Smith

Chas Smith is more than just fabricator to the stars

The residential valley neighborhood wasn’t what I was expecting when I went to Chas Smith’s studio for our interview. Big shade trees lined the wide…
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Christian Tedeschi, 5244 Baltimore, 2014, (on left) and (right) Niche, 2014. Courtesy Western Project.

Christian Tedeschi: Opposites Attract

Lessons in Creation and Tension

Up-and-coming Los Angeles-based artist Christian Tedeschi describes his former boss, Nancy Rubins as “a tornado—so much energy.” The 40-year-old assistant professor and head of sculpture…
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Rebecca Ripple, Kim Abeles. Photo by Carol Cetrone.

Rebecca Ripple and Kim Abeles’ Shared Journey

Kindred Spirits

Many young artists, especially those coming right out of school, find working as a studio assistant to be a valuable intermediary step. If they are…
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