“I Left My Heart” by Cliff Hengst,
image courtesy Machine Project 
and Southern Exposure.

UNDER THE RADAR: Prosthetic Enthusiasms and perverse harnessings

Machine Project & Premonitions of the Bauharoque

In retrospect, Machine Project—the Echo Park storefront operating for the last decade as a rapid-fire curatorial clearinghouse for founder/director Mark Allen’s tireless curiosity—would seem to…
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Graffiti at Rattlesnake Canyon, Photo: Courtesy The National Park Service

CURFEW: Graffiti Since the Beginning of Time

Graffiti Since the Beginning of Time As ubiquitous as its namesake trees were the laminated warning signs recently posted around Joshua Tree: “Rattlesnake Canyon Temporarily…
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Jim Skuldt, Island Effect #1, 2013

Jim Skuldt

Mapping, Graphing and Diagramming

During a studio visit, Jim Skuldt points out that milk crates around the world don’t come in a single standard size and shape, as one…
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