Spacechola Live!, 2012

Sandra de la Loza’s bookish, spirited activism

Ghosts of the Archive

In Sandra de la Loza’s art, research—what she calls “the archive”—is central to her process. Treating archival material as mutable; she relies on it to…
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Kenneth Tam, still from Breakfast in Bed, 2016, installation view, "Made in L.A. 2016: a, the, though, only," Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, photo by Brian Forrest.


Investing in Made in L.A. at the Hammer

With its third installment at the Hammer Museum, “Made in L.A.” has settled into its brand as a well-researched survey of current trends and practices…
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George Legrady, Day & Night Transylvania Hunt, 2015, courtesy of the artist and Edward Cella Art + Architecture

George Legrady

Edward Cella Art + Architecture / Los Angeles

Light affects perception in ways typically taken for granted: the ability to see and function; moods; sense of time. In lenticular photographs from the series…
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Judy Chicago’s December 1970 Artforum advertisement.

Amelia Jones: The Politics of Identity

Art Historian as Social Activist

Considering the degree to which historians live in the past, Amelia Jones may not be what you’d expect. Confronting cultural biases relating to the politics…
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Leanne Lee, Slipstream (detail), 2011

Space Invasion

Painting’s Sculptural Presence

Think about the differences between the long-standing practices of painting and sculpture, and clichés persist: Painting is “flat,” sculpture is not; paintings go on a…
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Ry Rocklen, World Couch, 2013

Ry Rocklen’s Quotidian Bling

Found in LA

Ry Rocklen saved oyster shells, along with some rocks, then tried to unload them one day at a garage sale. “I didn’t sell a thing,“…
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"My morning cup told me it was going to be a good day."


Drew Barrymore’s special photographs

Find it in Everything is a slight hardcover book, newly published by Little Brown and Company, featuring Facebook-style photographs by Drew Barrymore. You can find…
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Jim Skuldt, Island Effect #1, 2013

Jim Skuldt

Mapping, Graphing and Diagramming

During a studio visit, Jim Skuldt points out that milk crates around the world don’t come in a single standard size and shape, as one…
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Amanda Ross-Ho

Amanda Ross-Ho

MOCA Pacific Design Center / Los Angeles

WHETHER ONE THINKS OF AMANDA ROSS-HO AS A SCULPTOR, A photographer, or more broadly, a conceptual artist, it is clear that she applies a deliberate…
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