Jim Hodges, Untitled (one day it all comes true) 2013

Jim Hodges

Hammer Museum

I will not lie, Jim Hodges is one of my favorite artists, and the reasons why are innumerable. Like the poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning once…
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Ledge, 2014

Lizzie Fitch and Ryan Trecartin

Regen Projects

Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch seem to have channeled the Bauhaus’ Oskar Schlemmer—not an easy task, but one certainly worth considering. Working in the vein…
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Amitis Motevalli, Paar1, Confiscated Portrait of the Artist as a Young Rebel (2005/2010), Digital C-print, Courtesy of the artist

“Racial Imaginary” at Pitzer College

at Nichols Gallery through December 5, 2014

Pitzer College’s exhibition, “Racial Imaginary,” the visual art component of a larger project that includes a book of essays, musings and poems, demonstrates the fecundity…
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Carole Bayer Sager,opening night at William Turner Gallery

Carole Bayer Sager at William Turner Gallery

New Works, September 18, 2014

“New Works: Paintings by Carole Bayer Sager at William Turner Gallery, September 18, 2014” From Carole Bayer Sager at William Turner Gall. Posted by Artillery…
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Blur and conquer:  How Hello Kitty made pets of us all

Blur and conquer: How Hello Kitty made pets of us all

Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty, Japanese American National Museum, through April 26, 2015

In case you didn’t notice, Hello Kitty invaded Los Angeles last month.  If you were anywhere near Little Tokyo, you could scarcely escape the impression…
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“Misappropriation of a Modern Artifact,” installation at The Conception Gallery in Long Island City. Photo Courtesy of The Conception Gallery.

Hurricane Blues

Long Island Artists Still Digging Out from Sandy

During the summer of 2012, artists Eddie Rehm and Kenneth Ian Husband were enjoying something of a personal Golden Age in their tiny shared studio…
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Robert Olson, Untitled, 2007

Robert Olson

Luckman Fine Art Complex

Robert Olson was a colleague and fellow art world traveler. From the beginning his work was marked with a deep sense of isolation, and it…
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Protests at Guggenheim Over Labor Abuse

Protests at Guggenheim Over Labor Abuse

New York TimesA 40-foot banner was unfurled inside the central rotunda of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on Wednesday evening.. . . READ MORE
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Editor’s Letter

Editor’s Letter

November/December 2014

Dear Readers,Yes, this is still Artillery. We’ve got a new look, but we’re still the same on the inside. We feel that our revamped design…
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Ry Rocklen, World Couch, 2013

Ry Rocklen’s Quotidian Bling

Found in LA

Ry Rocklen saved oyster shells, along with some rocks, then tried to unload them one day at a garage sale. “I didn’t sell a thing,“…
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taisha paggett_Underwaters (we is ready, we is ready) performance at the Whitney Biennial, April 16th–20th, 2014. Photo by Ashley Hunt and Christopher Golden.

Taisha Paggett Emphasizes Experience

Body Present

Bodies are complicated. Choosing to work with the body as an artistic material complicates its complications. The resulting nest, where taisha paggett settles in to…
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