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"My morning cup told me it was going to be a good day."


Drew Barrymore’s special photographs

Find it in Everything is a slight hardcover book, newly published by Little Brown and Company, featuring Facebook-style photographs by Drew Barrymore. You can find…

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David Lynch, Change the Fuckin' Channel Fuckface, 2008-9
Photo Credit:  Robert Wedemeyer

David Lynch: One Frame at a Time

Lynch Lives the Art Life

Disillusioned with the politics of network television and the intricate financing of big studio films, filmmaker David Lynch has once again returned focus to his…

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Phyllis Diller

Phyllis Diller’s Greatest Work of Art: Herself

Anything for a Laugh

I always thought that Phyllis Diller’s public/comic persona (the hair, the toothy smile, the A-line dresses and feathery accessories, gloves, booties, cigarette and holder) was…

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Jack Kevorkian, Coma, 1996 (detail)

Stilled Life: Dr. Kevorkian

Eccentricity Revealed in His Paintings

Dr. jack Kevorkian, the infamous “Dr. Death” who passed away in 2011, sits somewhere in the public consciousness between the Unabomber and Mother Theresa depending…

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Art Reviews

Tom Mueske, Shapes, 2014. Courtesy: Sonce Alexander Gallery

Tom Mueske

Sonce Alexander Gallery/Los Angeles
Alice Aycock, Hoodo (Laura) From the Series, “How to Catch and Manufacture Ghosts" –Vertical & Horizontal Cross-sections of the Ether Wind (1981), 1990/2012.

Alice Aycock

Santa Barbara Museum of Art; UC Santa Barbara, Art, Design, and Architecture Museum
Jamie Scholnick's Redesigned, Repurposed, Re- everythinged, installation view, at CB1 Gallery

Jaime Scholnick: Redesigned, Repurposed, Re-everythinged

at CB1 Gallery Los Angeles
Martin Creed, “What’s the point of it,” installation view,work no. 1092,2011, Hayward Gallery. © the artist. Photo Linda Nylind

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