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    • I Am Having a Nervous Breakdown

      Jessicka Addams

      I’ve got to be honest. I’m a sucker for images of bloodied fingers and dead birds. Kind of an acquired taste I suppose, so Jessicka Addams newest exhibition entitled “Please Stop Loving Me,” struck a cord of familiarity, stirring an odd reprisal of grief, and Goth-like sensibilities. These small paintings and sculptural works derive from the artist’s need to share a weighty personal history albeit with a flare for the overtly dramatic and a definite nod toward theatricality. Works like I’m Having A Nervous Breakdown, are the strongest in the show where the artist uses animals as a kind of stand-in, a foil as it were for human frailty and suffering.

      La Luz de Jesus
      4633 Hollywood Boulevard
      Los Angeles, CA. 90027

      Show runs through Feb 28, 2016


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