Georganne Deen, CEO of Goldman Sachs on trial at The Hague in Balmain, 2017 (detail), courtesy of the artist and CB1 Gallery.

CB1 Gallery:

Georganne Deen

Georganne Deen did not become disillusioned by recent geopolitical events—she’s been feeling that way for a long time. It’s just that her newest paintings reflect…
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Merion Estes, Cautionary Tale, 2015, courtesy CB1 Gallery.

Merion Estes

CB1 Gallery

Ages-old art historical forces of the sublime and the picturesque battle it out across a suite of abstract landscapes, in about 20 fabulously chromatic, profoundly…
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Ellen Gallagher, Aquajujidsu (2017). Oil, ink and paper on canvas. 188 x 202 cm / 74 x 79 1/2 in. © Ellen Gallagher. Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth. Photo: Ernst Moritz

Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles:

Ellen Gallagher

There’s a lot to learn from Ellen Gallagher’s new exhibition. For example, it turns out Herman Melville was an Afrofuturist. And that the Atlantic Ocean…
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Brian Wills, Untitled (Red and Blue banded hovering thread), 2017, photo by Joshua White, courtesy of the artist and Praz-Delavallade.

Brian Wills: Line Light


Densely fretted and motion activated and crying out for every metaphorical use of the word string from art to design, music to physics, three new…
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Nicanor Aráoz, Untitled, at proyectosLA. Courtesy of the the artist. Photo by Elizabeth Lippman.


Focus on PST: LA/LA

Along a lonely stretch of Main Street extending from Union Station to the Brewery Arts Complex, largely defined by seafood warehouses and girded by railroad…
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Flora Kao, "Homeland," at Gallery 825. Courtesy of the artist.

Gallery 825:

Flora Kao

Sometimes a drawing is not a drawing. For example, when an artist transcends rendering and goes for something entirely more direct. In the case of…
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Meg Cranston, ‘15, 2017, courtesy Meliksetian Briggs

Meg Cranston

Meliksetian Briggs

Monet’s haystacks, Baldessari’s discs, Warhol’s everything—there are a number of artists who have worked in series specifically plotted as “the same picture in different colors”…
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Peter Lodato, "Recent Works"; Eric Johnson, "Select Works," installation view, courtesy of the artists and William Turner Gallery.

William Turner Gallery:

Peter Lodato and Eric Johnson

We are accustomed to sight as an experience of things coming into clearer focus the longer we look at them. Images seem fuzzy, we stare,…
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Andy Kolar, “Easy now.” Installation view. Courtesy of the artist and Walter Maciel Gallery.

Walter Maciel Gallery:

Andy Kolar

Abstract but character-driven, tertiary and bright, super flat and deeply funny, the paintings and sculptural installations in Andy Kolar’s “Easy now.” speak to conceptual and…
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