Ross Rudel, Nebulizer, 2013. Performed at Vincent Price Art Museum.

Conception to Resolution

Ross Rudel Reaches Back to the very Roots of our Prehistoric Existence

Ross Rudel’s art has haunted my consciousness for a few years now. Encountering occasional works of his in group shows throughout Los Angeles, I would find myself consistently drawn in and hypnotized by what felt like a quiet, faraway presence filled with hidden potency. The LA–based artist’s sculptures and performances, carefully crafted and often employing found objects, exude deep mystery and deep purpose. Why does this work—sometimes so slight and minimal as to be barely noticeable in the gallery—have so much resonance? Where does this strange energy come from?
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Micol Hebron, Photo by Safi Alia Shabaik, 2013

Super Inequality

Micol Hebron challenges the gender ratio

Micol Hebron is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Through photographic works, videos, installations, performance and writing, she has become known for critically engaging…
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Eli Langer, Graded Defacement Displacement/Three Point Lamp 1, 2012, courtesy of the artist and Wharton + Espinosa

Eli Langer

Wharton + Espinosa / Los Angeles

ELI LANGER’S RECENT SOLO SHOW IS AN ENCHANTING LANDSCAPE of nocturnal emissions and conversations. Seemingly crafted out of countless late nights spent in furtive dialogue…
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