Vamp Lorraine

Fabien Castanier: LA Intersections

Opening of group show curated by Andrew Schoultz, through July 31, 2017

An “intersection” of LA artists, including Artillery Columnist Zak Smith. Come to this Artillery sponsored lively panel discussion led by Zak this Saturday, June 3,…
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Look and Run

Look and Run

David Kordansky Gallery; Kayne Griffin Corcoran

There was a cool sense of relief walking into David Kordansky’s gallery and seeing that the great turn out for Mai-Thu Perret’s “Féminaire” and  Lesley Vance‘s…
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Jessie Homer French, Road Kill (again) (1998), courtesy of the artist and Various Small Fires.

Various Small Fires:

Jessie Homer French

Jessie Homer French’s paintings nullify categories like sophistication and naiveté; embodying aspects of both, they fit into neither. As implied by the show’s title, “Food…
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Engaged gallerygoers

Engaging Art for Everyone

Night Gallery; These Days

The epicenter of the downtown LA Arts District can be a bit overwhelming at times and “getting there is half the fun” is no fiction…
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Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner

Honolulu Biennial

Issue Art Clouds a Sunny Hawaii

The art world as we know it is in a constant state of reinvention and definition, continually seeking relevance. In this quarter of the great…
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It is obvious from the map. Installation view at REDCAT, Los Angeles. Photo: Brica Wilcox


It is obvious from the map

The exhibition equivalent of grandmother’s tablespoon of castor oil, It is obvious from the map is unpleasant to consume but leaves one feeling positively virtuous…
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John Fleck, one of the NEA Four, whose NEA grant was denied in 1990

LACE Benefit Art Auction

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3D Architectural model at SCI-Arc Main Event 13.

Architectural Eye Candy

SCI-Arc Annual Gala Honors Thom Mayne and Merry Norris

Architect John Bohn rolled into the parking lot off 4th Street and Traction Avenue, where the security guard acknowledged him with a subtle nod as…
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Irene-Iré, Abstenciones, Abscenciones e (In)Continencias (2017), courtesy of the artist and Coagula Curatorial.

Coagula Curatorial:

Manuel Ocampo & Irene Iré

Manuel Ocampo and Irene Iré accomplish the often-difficult task of formulating a joint show that appears cohesive without sacrificing the styles of either artist. Their…
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Hurvin Anderson Flat Top

Turner Prize 2017 shortlist announced

Tate Britain today announced the four artists who have been shortlisted for the Turner Prize 2017. The artists are (in alphabetical order): Hurvin Anderson, Andrea…
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Brewery Art Walk

Art Fatigue at its Best

Brewery Art Walk; BBQLA

I’ve heard of the phenomenon of art fatigue—getting so sick of looking at art that one more derivative Franz Kline-esque painting will turn you into…
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