That’s Entertainment: Alex Israel and Bret Easton Ellis at Gagosian

That’s Entertainment: Alex Israel and Bret Easton Ellis at Gagosian

Arriving at the 2016 edition of Gagosian‘s pre-Oscar show felt like arriving at LA’s hottest nightclub with an eclectic line that stretched down the block…
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Cy Twombly, Spoleto Festival, 1980. Mixed media collage. 39 3/4 x 27 7/8 inches.

Cy Twombly; a selection of works on paper, 1957-1984

Cy Twombly’s suite of stunningly chaotic and gorgeously rendered free-form drawings at c.nichols project would stop any viewer dead in their tracks. These are ferociously…
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Editor’s Letter

Editor’s Letter

March/April 2016

Dear Readers    You’ve heard the one about how sculpture is something you bump into when backing up to look at a painting. An old boyfriend…
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Charles Ray, Unpainted Sculpture, 1997, 60 x 78 x 171", fiberglass, paint, collection Walker Art Center.

The Thing

Where Sculpture Stops and Objects Begin

The “death of painting” is frequently traced to the work and writing of Donald Judd. In 1965’s “Specific Objects,” the same essay in which Judd…
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Charles Ross constructing Star Axis near Las Vegas, New Mexico, 1976, from Troublemakers: The Story of Land Art, a film by James Crump, photograph © Elizabeth Ginsberg.

FILM: Troublemakers

The Story of Land Art, Directed by James Crump

Land Art, also known as Earth Art, emerged in the period that was, with hindsight, clearly one of the most radical, innovative, experimental  and groundbreaking…
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Installation of Matt Wedel, “Peaceable Fruit,” L.A. Louver, 2015, courtesy L.A. Louver

Mud Gets Off the Ground

Clay Sculpture Achieves Parity with Traditional Medium

Ceramics is again making a major splash in the world of fine arts. Way back in the 1950s Peter Voulkos pushed ceramics into that realm,…
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Sergio Garcia, "The great escape," metal and wood school desk assemblage, 25" x 40" x 40".

Fueled by Youth

Sergio Garcia’s Sculptural Surrealism

The sculptures of Sergio Garcia contain an otherworldly essence. Like relics from an alternate dimension created by Salvador Dali, Henry Darger and Kaz Oshiro, Garcia’s…
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Maura Bendet, detail

Alternate Empires

Science Inspires Three Women Sculptors

As a student, seeking respite from the relatively hidebound painting department, I often retreated to the sculpture studios. There, the critical gaze of teachers seemed…
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Ibrahim Mahama’s massive jute-sack installation for the 2015 Venice Biennale.


Sacked and Pillaged; Simchowitz vs. Mahama

Stefan Simchowitz is a controversial figure in the art world. He doesn’t own an art gallery yet maintains a large network of art collectors. He…
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Surajlal Mukherjee collection, Dum Dum.


Dusty Raga: Robert Millis

We are in the midst of the information age, with archives and libraries overflowing, and records piling up like plastic in the ocean. How does…
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Installation at LAST Projects gallery by Xara Thustra, "Queer, Trans, Spaces," photo by  Ilona Berger.


The Show/Installation/Party/Event/Space-Siege

So I was at this opening—or maybe it was an event. In a project space. Or maybe it was a party. There were paintings. It…
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Ken Price, Orange, 1964, fired ceramic, courtesy Parrasch Heijnen Gallery.


Ken Price (1935–2012)

Kenny Price’s objects are modest in size and endless in meaning, which is another way of saying they make you think and feel instead of…
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3D-printed refugees, (father-son pair from Rwanda) sit on a wall in Amsterdam.


Agitprop in 3D

Urban art is the great equalizer. With the rise of spray-painting and wheatpostering, the public is no longer forced to visit museums and see what…
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