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A very Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley Halloween Video

Family Tyranny (Modeling and Molding) (1987)

In this unnerving performance video about child abuse, McCarthy, along with Mike Kelley, who co-stars, play a “father” and “son” respectively. As Kelley cowers nervously,…
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NImrud, 2015

Ned Evans

Craig Krull Gallery

Ned Evans’ recent survey exhibition entitled Slight Return; A Selection of paintings 1985 – 2015 at Craig Krull comprises a long-standing commitment to abstraction with…
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10 Part Invention

10 Part Invention


Let’s face it. Artists make the coolest and best gallerists, and when they don their artist’s hats, as in the recent exhibition “10 Part Invention”…
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Video Projection on facade of NeueHouse Hollywood

NeueHouse Hollywood

Felix the Cat Welcomes the Cultural Center to the West Coast

The opening of NeueHouse Hollywood on the West Coast—their second location—would warrant our attention regardless of any new piece of art attached to it. After…
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Installation View


Blum & Poe

Ceramics are all the rage these days, and certainly it’s a tradition richly steeped in ceremony, especially as it applies to Japanese ceramic work. Art…
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Julia Schwartz, Untitled (head), 2015

States of Being

Torrance Art Museum

“States of Being” currently on view at Torrance Art Museum examines the nature of existence not so much as a physical inevitability, but more as…
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Abstract #180, 2012

James Hayward

Roberts & Tilton

Red-on-red is difficult to pull off, yet James Hayward makes it work beautifully in his most recent survey entitled “At Last” at Roberts & Tilton…
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