Robert Offit Dying with Aids, 1989

Joseph Holtzman

Hammer Museum

Entering Joseph Holtzman’s recent Hammer Project feels akin to entering a child’s sacred imaginative landscape, one where all the imaginary friends can not only be…
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Hippie Noir

Hippie Noir

Orange Sunshine and the Mystic Artists Comes to Coastline Art Gallery in Newport Beach

There are times when an art movement quietly documents the heart and soul of the much louder story of history that surrounds it. In 1966, LSD…
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Katherine Bernhardt, Fruit Salad, mural DTLA,  2015

Fruity Exotic DTLA Mural

Katherine Bernhardt “Fruit Salad” at Venus Over Los Angeles

Katherine Bernhardt’s quirky public mural is currently covering the exterior walls of Venus Over Los Angeles gallery in the Arts District of Downtown LA just…
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Andrea Longacre-White, Women Problems, 2015

The Slick & The Sticky

Various Small Fires

“The Slick & The Sticky,” a group show co-curated by Vanessa Place, insists adamantly on its own dystopian themes, wherein the works in the exhibition…
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Lisa Oppenheim

Back to the Future

Light, Paper, Process: Reinventing Photography at the Getty

The only quibble I might have with the Getty’s excellent show, “Light, Paper, Process: Reinventing Photography,” would be that its title is too literal-minded. A…
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Petra Cortright, still from "Niki, Lucy, Lola, Viola"

Petra Cortright

"Niki, Lucy, Lola, Viola" at DEPART Foundation

Straddling a fine line somewhere between sincere participation and ironic appropriation, Petra Cortright’s multimedia cyberspace art endlessly reflects and redoubles the medium from which it…
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Illustration by Melissa Martell


A New Philosophy of Shorts

  There are few sights more ridiculous than a grown man wearing a pair of shorts.  Back in my day, grown men simply did not…
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Tauba Auerbach, The New Ambidextrous Universe V, 2014

Flat World

David Kordansky Gallery

Not that this hasn’t been done before, the theme of “flatness” explored again and again in all its variations, but in its most recent incarnation…
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In the nude room with Alex Schaefer and model.

Live! Nude! Paint!

A Night with Alex Schaefer

Last Sunday, instead of curling up to watch an episode of Orange is the New Black and calling it a night, I headed to Venice…
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Nordic Pavilion Detail

Some Faves and Some Suck

Impressions of the 2015 Venice Biennale

The Venice Biennale, founded in 1895, now includes 30-plus national pavilion spaces in the Giardini area, a mindboggling abundance of ancillary exhibitions (including especially the…
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Fast Food Art

Fast Food Art

No Escape, It's Everywhere!

How often have you found yourself saying, “I would bring my business here, if only they had more generic, mall-safe, focus-group chosen art on the…
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Sample 1, 2015

Mark Bradford

The Hammer Museum

Mark Bradford’s first solo exhibition “Scorched Earth” at the Hammer Museum is a stunner and not in the typical ways one might expect. These paintings,…
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