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velvet museum 300x169 <ns>OUR TOP 10 BEST LISTS</ns>

Eclectic Museums

1. Museum of Jurassic Technology (9341 Venice Boulevard, Culver City, California 90232)From its name to its introductory slideshow to its ...
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Mandrakes interior bar 300x200 <ns>OUR TOP 10 BEST LISTS</ns>

Food & Beverage

BEST BARS NEAR ART VENUES1.  The MandrakeThis laid-back artist-run bar is smack dab in the middle of gallery row in ...
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Things to Talk About at Openings:

1. What gallery you’ve recently been picked up by, even if it’s still “in the works”2. Mike Kelley3. Wherever you ...
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Cathedral of our lady w bishop 300x215 <ns>OUR TOP 10 BEST LISTS</ns>

Unconventional Art Spaces

1. KingswellThis skate shop in Los Feliz has had some surprisingly good art shows—most recently by the LA-based illustrator, Bonethrower ...
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NIght Gallery gals TH 200x300 <ns>OUR TOP 10 BEST LISTS</ns>

Women Gallerists

1. Shoshana Blank: She and husband Wayne Blank run one of the mainstays of Bergamot Station, Shoshana Wayne Gallery.2. Kimberly ...
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Historic Hot Spots

Yee Mee Loo, Chinatown: Dark, exotic and mysterious, this temple dive bar was the touchstone for all Angeleno art legends ...
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Metro Bus 300x185 <ns>OUR TOP 10 BEST LISTS</ns>

Top 10 Billboard Tags

They loom on the skyline and beckon us to our duty as citizen consumers. Tagging commercial billboards has the bravado ...
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robbie conal 300x200 <ns>OUR TOP 10 BEST LISTS</ns>

LA Street Artists

1. BeccaBecca Midwood embraces the sometimes lost connection between children drawing on walls and urban artists doing the same. Signed ...
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Artsy Travel Destinations

1. Marfa, TX (because of Judd and Prada)2. Cuba (because Cuba)3. Cologne (Germany because pretentious can be fun)4. Detroit, MI ...
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Free Museums in LA

1. Hammer MuseumIf you can tolerate getting to and being in Westwood, this UCLA-affiliated space is an oasis of great ...
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union station 300x200 <ns>OUR TOP 10 BEST LISTS</ns>

Best Places To Escape the LA Art World

1. Dancing With Myself  [A Club Called Rhonda; CLINIC AT Couture]Los Globos has a massive footprint on Sunset Boulevard, but ...
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moca dennis hopper 300x200 <ns>OUR TOP 10 BEST LISTS</ns>

Worst Shows of the Last 10 Years

1. Diane von Furstenberg: Journey of a Dress LACMA (Winter 2014)The exhibition version of the “promoted article”—adjacent to LACMA, advertised ...
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Screen Shot 2016 09 05 at 12.39.19 PM 300x157 <ns>OUR TOP 10 BEST LISTS</ns>

Off the Grid Art Venues

1. Obsolete Despite its overall ambience of musty, bizarre creepiness, this synergetic cross between antique shop and contemporary art gallery ...
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Art-Opening Fashion Cliches

MEN1. Apple watch2. Bow ties3. Cocaine4. Acne (the label, not the skin condition)5. Tiny designer purebred dogs (extra points for ...
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Joe Goode Solo Exhibition May July 2016 Installation View Peter Gallery 1 300x203 <ns>OUR TOP 10 BEST LISTS</ns>

Top 10 Orange County Galleries

Artists Republic Contemporary art with an emphasis on younger, emerging artists, with events including lights, music and independent film nights ...
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ed moses in his studio 300x202 <ns>OUR TOP 10 BEST LISTS</ns>

Grayer Los Angeles

Youth is so overrated. Remember The New Museum’s “Younger Than Jesus” show in New York? It’s time to look to ...
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