Banana Tree, 2015

Banana Tree, 2015

Matt Wedel

Matt Wedel’s is not a “peaceable kingdom” but a kingdom of fruit that happens to be strangely and miraculously at peace, and quite astonishing indeed. Over two dozen wall-mounted and free-standing sculptures comprise this densely imagined tundra, encompassing Wedel’s familiar flora and fauna ceramic forms dripping with high gloss stains and glazes. The wall sculptures in particular are mysterious and perhaps a bit more dark in terms of their content. Relatively new to Wedel’s iconography is the image of the floating head, à la Greek statuary alongside images of oversized children, proposing a sort of nascent curiosity that in Wedel’s rare case, never wears out.

L.A. Louver Gallery

45 N Venice Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

Peaceable Fruit runs through Dec. 30, 2015