Gallery Rounds

China Art Objects:

Rachelle Sawatsky

Rachelle Sawatsky’s new work in “Reincarnation Clash” (all works 2016) advances her work’s established threads of off-kilter humor paired with ...
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Mark Moore Gallery:

Christopher Russell

Christopher Russell has made several series of works by scratching the outlines of objects or patterns into photographs of dreary ...
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Kayne Griffin Corcoran:

The Ocular Bowl

Visionary currents circulate around “The Ocular Bowl,” a beautifully curated exhibition of paintings by Agnes Pelton, Linda Stark and Alex ...
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Chimento Contemporary:

Laura London

Like fairy tales about to reach sinister climaxes, Laura London’s new photographs present spuriously romanticized views of female youth. Each ...
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M + B:

Whitney Hubbs

Whitney Hubbs’s “Body Doubles” presents the artist’s first attempts at color photography after a decade of working in black and ...
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Samuel Freeman:

Mineo Mizuno

For Mineo Mizuno’s 2015 exhibition “Current,” the artist presented a body of work that marked a definitive shift in his ...
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Jennifer Celio

Memories, like dreams, are fleeting and fragmented. In her engaging exhibition “Hitched to everything else,” Jennifer Celio explores where past ...
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Royale Projects:

Karen Lofgren

The sculptural objects and installations of “Other Relevant Experience,” with their ceremonial shine and talismanic power, exhume dark histories of ...
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Michael Benevento:

Polly Apfelbaum/Dona Nelson

Polly Apfelbaum and Dona Nelson’s collaboration yields surprising relationships among artworks, viewers, and surrounding architecture. Polly Apfelbaum, Blue Joni (2016), ...
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California Museum of Photography:

Marie Bovo

Marie Bovo’s formally complex, visually gratifying and meditative photographs invite prolonged looking. What is captured in the viewfinder and the ...
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Soka University:

Natasha Shoro and Anushe Shoro

If walking into the crypt-like rotunda of Soka University’s Founders Hall is a bit chilling, entering the world of Natasha ...
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Night Gallery:

Jesse Mockrin

Jesse Mockrin’s recent collection of works are an exercise in aesthetics. Reminiscent of old-master painting techniques (also familiar turf to ...
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