Gallery Rounds

Roberts & Tilton:

Evan Trine

Evan Trine's digitally generated photographic works are distillations—works that abstractly reference their sources. Trine sifts through trending online news feeds, ...
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Nihura Montiel

Nihura Montiel’s current solo show, “New Paintings,” now on view at @leiminspace in Chinatown delights in mimicking the various plush terrycloths ...
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Various Small Fires:

Amy Yao

There are 15 pieces in Yao's show “Bay of Smokes,” but one work transcends its counterparts so glowingly that it's hard ...
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Jason Vass: Mark Dutcher

With his new solo show, “Time Machine” at Jason Vass, Mark Dutcher seeks to convey through his paintings various subjective ...
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Meliksetian | Briggs:

Meg Cranston

Bubblegum colors and an interest in the mundane are threads that unite the seemingly unrelated pieces in “Pizza, Bagpipe, Carburetor” ...
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MAK Center:

Erwin Wurm

Erwin Wurm’s "One Minute Sculptures" at The MAK Center is crammed with critically disruptive content, though at first glance there’s ...
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David Kordansky:

Evan Holloway

Charting a path through Evan Holloway's large floor-based sculptures at David Kordansky Gallery is like walking through a forest that ...
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Luis De Jesus:

Josh Reames and José Lerma

In his latest exhibition at Luis De Jesus, Josh Reames has collaborated with long-time friend José Lerma, in situ, to ...
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Commonwealth & Council:

Kang Seung Lee

In his new project at Commonwealth & Council, “and Child,”  Kang Seung Lee plunges deeper into his interest in rules ...
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Reserve Ames:

David Muenzer

For his solo show at Reserve Ames, “Scalar-Daemon,” David Muenzer froze ingot molds filled with neon highlighter ink in an industrial freezer ...
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Von Lintel Gallery:

Farrah Karapetian

For her second exhibition with Von Lintel Gallery, Farrah Karapetian has produced a thoughtful new series comprising 12 large-scale Chromogenic ...
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CB1 Gallery:

Paul Donald

Our distance from the object of desire is always measured. In Paul Donald’s new work, “Endymion Project,” the measuring is ...
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