Gallery Rounds

gallery rounds LOGO HORZ 1024x248 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>
Belkis 91.08 large 2 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Fowler Museum:

Belkis Ayón

“Nkame,” the Belkis Ayón retrospective at the Fowler Museum, comprised of 43 collography prints, is about the Abakuá, an all-male ...
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Ethan Cook installation view 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Anat Ebgi:

Ethan Cook

Currently on display at Culver City’s Anat Ebgi gallery are the familiar, yet intriguing color field paintings of Texas-born, New ...
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Simone Leigh Install 06 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Hammer Museum:

Simone Leigh

Simone Leigh’s small but impactful show of new work at the Hammer Museum probes the construction of the black female ...
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Abstract Composition 2014 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Matthew Marks Gallery:

Paul Sietsema

Paul Sietsema’s works have an aesthetic and intellectual dimensionality and the path through his exhibition is an invitation to put ...
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Peter Blake Gallery:

Helen Pashgian

If you missed this artist’s 2014 “Light Invisible” installation at LACMA, “Golden Ratio,” a new show at Peter Blake Gallery ...
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LK 22 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>


Linnea Kniaz

“A Noiseless Patient Spider” at Vacancy is an experimental mix of sculpture, painting, assemblage, and installation. It’s surprising for a ...
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CB NG Descent of Woman 2016 still 1 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Night Gallery:

Cara Benedetto and Christine Wang

“Please recall the name Medea,” asks the narrator in the opening minutes of Cara Benedetto’s video currently on view at ...
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ThomasHirschhorn1 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

The Mistake Room:

Thomas Hirschhorn

Constructed in a labyrinthine series of rooms, each claustrophobic space arranged around a faux fireplace and punctuated by cardboard forms ...
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20160916 1301 Thater Banner 017 2 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>


Diana Thater

A long banner of colorful flowers fills the second floor window of 1301PE. Seen from the outside, it functions as ...
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Brian Bress Rock Cowboy 2 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>


Brian Bress

Brian Bress’ amalgam of drawings, paintings, masks, sculpture and videos, brought together for “Make Your Own Friends,” a survey of ...
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%name <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>


Gary Lang

Gary Lang’s circle paintings, perhaps the most monumental of his oeuvre, might be the most intimate, too. “Rising,” his current ...
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Karoninstall5 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Wilding Cran:

Karon Davis

During a Cabinet Council meeting three years into her mourning of the death of her husband, the still distraught Queen ...
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