Gallery Rounds


Gary Lang

Gary Lang’s circle paintings, perhaps the most monumental of his oeuvre, might be the most intimate, too. “Rising,” his current ...
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Wilding Cran:

Karon Davis

During a Cabinet Council meeting three years into her mourning of the death of her husband, the still distraught Queen ...
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Various Small Fires:

Jeff Zilm

Walking down the lengthy corridor from the street to Hollywood’s Various Small Fires Gallery for the opening reception of mixed ...
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Sloan Projects:

Rebeca Puga

If Rebeca Puga’s paintings could speak, they might quote, in their collective voice, the Socratic paradox, “I only know that ...
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Dirk Staschke

In a collection of 18 ceramic and mixed media sculptures, Dirk Staschke explores the tradition of still life painting that ...
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LA Louver:

David Hockney

David Hockney, well known as a painter and draftsman, is also a versatile multi-disciplinary artist who has embraced technology in ...
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Robert Berman Gallery:

Mr. Fish

The collection of portraits by Mr. Fish (Dwayne Booth) at Robert Berman Gallery serves as a testament to the idols ...
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Grice Bench:

Don’t call me when you are rich or famous. Call me only if you are in the gutter.

Nods to the philosophical and an absurdist humor set the tone of this eclectic group show that is never short on ...
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Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions:

Miha Strukelj

A tram cable traverses The Project Room, a tiny cube tucked behind the main gallery space of Los Angeles Contemporary ...
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Small Green Door:

New Rituals

Small Green Door located in East LA is a full-service creative studio by day and has for the last couple ...
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Richard Heller Gallery:

Joakim Ojanen

Swedish artist Joakim Ojanen creates paintings and ceramic sculptures that are quirky and compassionate. His part-human / part-animal creatures have ...
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MIM Gallery:

Allusive Moment

In “Allusive Moment,” a group show centered on nostalgia, a slow creaking sound fills the gallery and precedes—even preempts—visual encounters ...
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