Gallery Rounds

Richard Heller Gallery:

Joakim Ojanen

Swedish artist Joakim Ojanen creates paintings and ceramic sculptures that are quirky and compassionate. His part-human / part-animal creatures have ...
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MIM Gallery:

Allusive Moment

In "Allusive Moment," a group show centered on nostalgia, a slow creaking sound fills the gallery and precedes—even preempts—visual encounters ...
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Nicodim Gallery:

Ecaterina Vrana

The air in Ecaterina Vrana's exhibition partakes heavily of oil odors. Like many other contemporary painters, she applies copious quantities ...
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CB1 Gallery:

Susan Silas

There is a feud taking place at CB1 Gallery; it sets in conflict the looking-glass and the hour-glass—our waning but ...
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Vincent Price Art Museum:

Silent Wonderment: Exploring the World of Giant Robot

Zine fanatics, toy enthusiasts, pop culture nuts, and all-around lowbrow lovers can rejoice in Vincent Price Art Muesum’s current show, ...
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team (bungalow):

Tabor Robak

For his exhibition, “Sunflower Seed” at Team (Bungalow), Portland born, New York based artist/programmer Tabor Robak has created custom built PCs with ...
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Moskowitz Bayse:

Valerie Green

A simple drop of clear liquid can act as a lens, magnifying what the naked eye cannot otherwise detect. Valerie ...
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China Art Objects:

Rachelle Sawatsky

Rachelle Sawatsky’s new work in “Reincarnation Clash” (all works 2016) advances her work’s established threads of off-kilter humor paired with ...
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Mark Moore Gallery:

Christopher Russell

Christopher Russell has made several series of works by scratching the outlines of objects or patterns into photographs of dreary ...
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Kayne Griffin Corcoran:

The Ocular Bowl

Visionary currents circulate around "The Ocular Bowl," a beautifully curated exhibition of paintings by Agnes Pelton, Linda Stark and Alex ...
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Chimento Contemporary:

Laura London

Like fairy tales about to reach sinister climaxes, Laura London's new photographs present spuriously romanticized views of female youth. Each ...
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M + B:

Whitney Hubbs

Whitney Hubbs’s "Body Doubles" presents the artist's first attempts at color photography after a decade of working in black and ...
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