Gallery Rounds

The Broad Museum:


“Creature” springs from the same Latin root as creation, yet the two conjure polarities. The former suggests a beast, a ...
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Central Park:

All the Best

Artist-run gallery spaces perform a unique balancing act. They offer less established artists the chance to refine the nuances of ...
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Diane Rosenstein:

Gisela Colon

Gisela Colon’s “HYPER-MINIMAL” is a psychedelic futurist’s dream come true. The spacious Diane Rosenstein gallery is divided into a handful ...
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New Image Art:

Carlos Ramirez

The relevancy of “Complejo de Cristo y Vampiros,” Carlos Ramirez’s first solo show at New Image Art, couldn’t be timelier ...
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Richard Telles Fine Art:

Brendan Fowler

Brendan Fowler is interested in the relationship between photography and material culture, and his works transform photographic images into something ...
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Egyptian Art & Antiques:

Lena Wolek

Lena Wolek’s “Arbitraitor’s Clauset” is clever in title and use of space. Arriving at her installation in the diminutive exhibition ...
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JoAnne Artman Gallery:

John “CRASH” Matos

The graffiti artist John Crash Matos, known simply as Crash, started spray-painting buildings and trains in New York City in ...
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Blair Saxon-Hill

In Blair Saxon-Hill’s installation to no ending except ourselves (2016), wall and floor based sculptures fashioned from discarded and broken ...
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MAMA Gallery:

Jordan Sullivan

Jordan Sullivan’s “The Divine Nothing” is clearly an indulgence in color and aesthetics, and it isn’t a bad thing. Sullivan’s ...
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Fowler Museum:

Belkis Ayón

“Nkame,” the Belkis Ayón retrospective at the Fowler Museum, comprised of 43 collography prints, is about the Abakuá, an all-male ...
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Anat Ebgi:

Ethan Cook

Currently on display at Culver City’s Anat Ebgi gallery are the familiar, yet intriguing color field paintings of Texas-born, New ...
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Hammer Museum:

Simone Leigh

Simone Leigh’s small but impactful show of new work at the Hammer Museum probes the construction of the black female ...
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