Gallery Rounds

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Patrick Staff: Weed Killer

In his latest video installation “Weed Killer” (2017), Patrick Staff approaches the topic of identity by juxtaposing the cancer patient’s ...
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Kohn Gallery:

Dean Byington

Simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar, utopian and dystopian, Dean Byington’s complex canvases are the result of a meticulously refined process that is ...
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California African American Museum:

Derrick Adams

Mercifully averted, the television writers’ strike was urgent news in Los Angeles, where total triviality-immersion is our raison d’être, and ...
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Various Small Fires:

Jessie Homer French

Jessie Homer French’s paintings nullify categories like sophistication and naiveté; embodying aspects of both, they fit into neither. As implied ...
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It is obvious from the map

The exhibition equivalent of grandmother’s tablespoon of castor oil, It is obvious from the map is unpleasant to consume but ...
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Coagula Curatorial:

Manuel Ocampo & Irene Iré

Manuel Ocampo and Irene Iré accomplish the often-difficult task of formulating a joint show that appears cohesive without sacrificing the ...
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The Good Luck Gallery:

John Hiltunen

Mark Twain is generally credited with the quote, “The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.” ...
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These Days:

Afraid of Modern Living

The unassuming These Days gallery, which lies on the second floor off an alleyway in downtown LA, currently houses an ...
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The Situation Room:

Seth Kaufman

Seth Kaufman has made a startling new body of work, and has transitioned from sculpture to photography as effortlessly as ...
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Steve Turner:

Top Five Buddy Cop Films

One could argue that the buddy cop genre has been with us since well before In the Heat of the ...
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Walter Maciel Gallery:

Dean Monogenis

Dean Monogenis destroyed nine paintings putting them on display in a work entitled Black Hole. Feeling the need to purge, Monogenis selected ...
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Lawrence Fodor

While abstract art often begins with inspiration and develops spontaneously, Lawrence Fodor approaches his canvasses in a different manner, basing ...
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