Gallery Rounds

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Diane Rosenstein Gallery:

Gisela Colon

In her last show with Rosenstein, Gisela Colon presented her first large free-standing object, a Parabolic Monolith that curved gracefully ...
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Kopeikin Gallery:

Belt Friction

Curated by artist and photographer Arden Surdam, “Belt Friction,” the current group exhibition at Kopeikin Gallery, explores themes about the ...
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Wilding Cran:

Maria Lynch

A simple reconfiguring of space at Wilding Cran has yielded a tiny, jewelbox of a gallery for small yet impactful ...
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ltd los angeles:

I am no bird…

Some of us respect what makes people different from one another. By withholding judgment of others, we avoid enveloping them ...
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Georganne Deen CEO GS web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

CB1 Gallery:

Georganne Deen

Georganne Deen did not become disillusioned by recent geopolitical events—she’s been feeling that way for a long time. It’s just ...
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Josh Jefferson Picking a Crown web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Zevitas Marcus:

Josh Jefferson

Is a collage comprised of assembled painted canvases a collage, a painting, or assemblage art? Does the semantics even matter? ...
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1 C Mallison K Fukazawa L Gipe web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Brand Library & Art Center:


Whatever one’s disposition, “ONE YEAR: The Art of Politics in Los Angeles” at Glendale’s Brand Library & Art Center provides ...
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GALLA80360 web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles:

Ellen Gallagher

There’s a lot to learn from Ellen Gallagher’s new exhibition. For example, it turns out Herman Melville was an Afrofuturist ...
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LS Water Bearer web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>


Black Radical Women

Rallying against overwhelmingly white, male perspectives in art history, “We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women, 1965-85” at the California ...
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Phyllis Green RVD 5775 Med 2 web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Chimento Contemporary:

Phyllis Green

Spiritual aspirations present this fundamental dilemma: we exist as physical beings in a material world of far more palpable empirical ...
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Schapiro1 web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Honor Fraser:

Miriam Schapiro

Admirers of feminist artist Miriam Schapiro’s (1923-2015) work may be surprised to learn that this influential woman who founded the ...
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NG WK In Absentia Deep Blue White 2017 web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Night Gallery:

Wanda Koop

In her first exhibition in Los Angeles, Winnipeg-based artist Wanda Koop investigates the idea of dislocation. This dislocation is reflected in ...
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