444444 Volupté
Thursday, July 20, 2017
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

151 portrero av. , San Francisco CA 94103

SPACE 151 is an art gallery and event space that is dedicated to the experiential qualities of space. We subvert the art/viewer relationship, by exhibiting work that involves the audience, and engages them to become a participant. In this setting, art is not made, packaged and presented on walls for consumption, rather, it is the event itself; the interactions between individuals, materials and space that are the creative expressions.
To contextualize the gallery, we must place it within the long history of art. Art has evolved from its origins, through expressionist, cubist and abstract movements and on to post-structural and minimalist eras where art itself was the subject of the artistic inquiry. Just as Duchamp’s ready-mades subverted the nature of making and the hegemony of the museum, SPACE 151, inverts the process of production and viewing by placing the viewer at the center of the artistic process. This is meant to both engage and educate the public while re-locating art within larger cultural context.

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