REQUIEM – The Art Of Mourning

RequiemAdvert4webSM REQUIEM   The Art Of Mourning
Saturday, November 11, 2017
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

256 Elm Ave, Long Beach Ca 90802

REQUIEM – The Art Of Mourning Group Art exhibition
Artists from around the country have been asked to interpret the themes of death, mourning, funerary practice, and the emotions associated with loss.
The gallery itself will be transformed into a mortuary for this event, complete with casket, candelabras and flower arrangements. Artifacts pertaining to the theme will also be on display. Real human skulls, wet specimens, victorian mourning art, photographs of the departed and those depicting cemeteries and ceremonies.
Exhibiting Artists:
Megan Buccere
Terry Ribera
Buddy Nestor
Michael Martin
Janell Chandler
William Zdan
Krystopher Sapp
Christopher Ulrich
Michelle Avery Konczyk
Maria Pabico LaRotonda
Gregory P Rodriguez
Skot Pollock
Kelly Vetter
Craig LaRotonda
Carin A. Hazmat
Rachael Bridge
Tatomir Pitaru
Dan Harding
Dos Diablos
Jennifer Parks
Matthew Bone
Scott Holloway
Jeremy Cross
Erick De La Vega
Clint Carney
David Van Gough
Meagan Magpie Rodgers
Lara Dann
Michael Mararian
Jasmine Worth
Cam Rackam
Hanna Jaeun
Jen Ena
Tim Lee

-Jeremy Cross – Curator
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