FIG NEXT (part two)

Next Two Invite FIG NEXT (part two)
Wednesday, July 26, 2017
11:00 am - 5:00 pm

2525 Michigan Ave G6, Santa Monica CA 90404

Please join us as we begin our next exhibition schedule and welcome new artists to the gallery. This two part exhibition will feature signature works in a variety of media by gallery artists all of whom work in the Southern California area.

Part Two includes work by Kate Browning, Marlene Capell, Janyce Erlich-Moss, James Farrington, Diana Gordon, William Lane, Lorraine Lubner, Sylvia Marcin, Louise Mordaunt, Hilary Taub, Sara Wylie Walsh, Otella Wruck, Yda Ziment

Some of the artists in Part Two work primarily with abstraction, pursuing the formal issues of abstract painting and drawing. Several of the artists explore abstraction-influenced figuration, looking to push the boundaries between abstract and figurative imagery. Others make use of photography, text and writing, and found imagery in their conceptually centered work.

For further information please contact Jeff Gambill, Director

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