Double Trouble: A Lecture by Bruce W. Ferguson

OtisCollegePublic Lecture Double Trouble: A Lecture by Bruce W. Ferguson
Wednesday, June 7, 2017
7:30 pm

9045 Lincoln Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90045

The L.A. Summer Residency Program at Otis College of Art and Design
Double Trouble: A Lecture by Bruce W. Ferguson

The talk will explore Exhibitions, Museums, and the familial relation between art and artifacts and language – the warp and the weft of the art-world tapestry. Many have written extensively that it is not just the HOW of display, but also the WHERE and WHEN and the WHY that determine meanings. A local history museum consciously and conscientiously turned a work of art into an artifact. But the opposite can be true – an artifact can become a work of art, as we know with Duchamp’s urinal and other such displacements. Body double, to use a Hollywood terminology, because artworks have at least a double identity, as art or as artifacts, and the difference is by virtue of the contexts – the language that surrounds them. There is incommensurability between images, objects and languages or other methods of describing and displaying each.

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