Bryan Ida: Echo & Line

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Saturday, May 20, 2017
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

2716 South La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90034

“A multi layered exploration into line, memory and color that seeks to convey a sense of connectivity and integration while at the same time suggesting an undertone of isolation and disconnect. I am trying to reveal the contradictory nature of the world in which we live.”


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“My current paintings are a love note to the glorious visual of pop culture foods. They are made to take a longer look at what could embody childhood happiness, and possibly have us question why they still hold powers over us as adults.”


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“My current paintings focus on transitional spaces—street scenes, back alleys, beach paths, and other obscure places occurring on boundaries between spaces.  Using either oil or gouache, each piece hinges on the interplay between painterly passages and carefully calculated rhythms, with an emphasis on rich color and strong geometry.”

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