Carol Es, Round House, 2015

Carol Es, Round House, 2015

Carol Es

Carol Es’ first solo exhibition at Craig Krull Gallery, “Rock and Refuge,” is a testament to precision and detail and color and space. Her paintings, largely mixed media materials including meticulously cut bits of fabric on birch panels, are both whimsical and beautifully rendered. It is as though one was looking down from an aerial view into the inner workings of a sacred space—a home, a body perhaps and each of the myriad details comprises a system of understanding within the larger work itself. Round House is particularly effective as it quite literally resembles a house-like structure, cut away as it were to reveal the sanctuary inside. Also on view in the project space are uniquely engaging sculpture toys by Phranc.


Craig Krull Gallery

Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan Avenue, Building B-3
Santa Monica, California 90404

Show runs through January 16, 2016