USE THIS PLEASE: Illustration by Petra Larsen.

USE THIS PLEASE: Illustration by Petra Larsen.


Etiquette for Artful Living

I Love A Man in a Uniform

Dear Babs, Why is it that with all the focus on hip, cutting-edge contemporary art displayed in modern museums and galleries, the security guards dress like they are working at the May Company in the ’70s? The women dress like men and the clothes are ugly and badly fitted. Who’s in charge of this?

—Julie Shapiro, Los Angeles

Dear Julie, I have to disagree with you… I like a man/woman in a uniform, where apropos. I’ve seen the alternative attire for security guards and oftentimes they are indistinguishable from museumgoers. Why does everything need to be “hip” anyways? The casual dress for almost everything these days seems improper to me. My father refused to wear denim jeans, saying they were for farmers. Let’s take the country outta the museum at least for a day. Maybe the security attire just needs a good pressing and a better tailor. Otherwise, I’m all for the conservative look at an art institution.


Dear Babs, Where and how do I apply for artists’ grants, public art opportunities and residencies?

—Ann Marshall, San Francisco

Dear Ann, I consulted Los Angeles artist and friend Linda Vallejo, who teaches grant writing. She assures me there are several places to find grant opportunities. A simple search can be conducted with the key words “artist grant” or “artist fellowship.” Also there is a wonderful research center funded by the Foundation Center at the library in Santa Monica, California, where there are dedicated computers that allow individuals and organizations to search for grant opportunities. These services are free. And here is Vallejo’s website for classes if you’re interested. Good luck!