Tulsa Kinney with Alex Schaefer painting her live portrait

Tulsa Kinney with Alex Schaefer painting her live portrait

Artillery 10 Year Anniversary

They Sure Know How to Party

Artillery’s 10th anniversary party was just the medicine the doctor ordered the night after the world learned Donald Trump would be our next president. No one wanted to leave their homes, but the thought of being with like-minded people got about 200 people out to party on and drown their tears.

Screen Shot 2016 11 15 at 6.57.32 PM e1479409461293 Artillery 10 Year Anniversary

James Hayward

Screen Shot 2016 11 15 at 6.54.09 PM 600x493 Artillery 10 Year Anniversary

Alexia Lewis unblocking creative blocks

Hosted by the Robert Berman Gallery / Santa Monica Auctions at Bergamot Station, the evening kicked off at 6pm as dusk settled in. The night was balmy and electric. Partygoers showed up in clusters, with killer music by DJ Patrick Icon getting everyone in the mood. Alongside a fabulous bar serving complimentary delicious Sapphire Gin drinks: martinis anyone?—plein air artist Alex Schaefer set up his easel and began painting live portraits ferociously. Gawkers gathered around as he did a fantastic portrait of Artillery’s inimitable editor and founder Tulsa Kinney. Nearby was a Tarrot Card reader, Alexis Lewis, claiming to “unblock your creative block.” At 6:30, Kinney belted out Artronika! The crowd moved in the direction of Norton Wisdom live-painting to trumpet soloist Ireesh Lai. It was magical and kept the energy going. Another thirty minutes past, and Kinney was at the microphone again, announcing the next act: performance artists Steven Irvin and Jenifer Yeuroukis. A pack of ominous-looking people in Hazmat suits approached the crowd seemingly coming out from nowhere, attempting to force the audience into the Berman gallery where a display of art for the upcoming auction hung. This was not entirely successful as the crowd didn’t want to leave their place in line for the bar, nor the rockin’ music of the DJ. We were told we missed naked bodies, so we were a little disappointed, but plenty of the crowd did follow.

Screen Shot 2016 11 15 at 6.55.08 PM 600x445 Artillery 10 Year Anniversary

Jay Wingate, Lori Garboushian, Luis De Jesus

Before that ended, we heard in the distance Kinney bellowing the NEXT act! Cat Museum headed by Anthony Ausgang started their crazy noise-music with frolicking images of cats projected on a screen behind the band. The night was still young and the martinis were starting to kick in. Our now-legal herb (Thanks California!) was wafting through the parking lot, adding a psychedelic vibe to Cat Museum. It was starting to feel like a Fellini film with all the acts and music and dancing and drinking! The crowd was joyous.

Screen Shot 2016 11 15 at 7.06.42 PM 600x532 Artillery 10 Year Anniversary

Llyn Foulkes

Screen Shot 2016 11 15 at 6.56.34 PM Artillery 10 Year Anniversary

Andy Moses, Kelly Berg

Artists and dealers kept flowing in: Ed Moses wheeled amongst the crowd with his son Andy Moses and his statuesque wife/artist Kelly Berg in tow. James Hayward was in high spirits as was Culver City gallerist Walter Maciel. Luis de Jesus and Jay Wingate left early but were happy to raise a toast to 10 years in publication. Todd Gray made an appearance as he had penned an article about Lauren Halsey in the current issue of Artillery. Beverly Hills constituents Louis Stern, Herair and Lori Garboushian found their way to the party. Chinatown gallerists included Mat Gleason with wife/artist Leigh Selgaldo, along with Charlie James. Eastsiders braved the 10 Freeway: Eva Chimento, Artillery Staff Writer Ezrha Jean Black, writer John Tottenham and painter Lisa Adams. Llyn Foulkes was in a jovial mood, but Dark Bob remained elusive, stopping by for a quick drink and toast—we understood. Even Craig Krull made an appearance after leaving his Bergamot gallery dark that day because of the pall cast the morning after.

Screen Shot 2016 11 15 at 6.52.16 PM 600x482 Artillery 10 Year Anniversary

Guy Richards Smit, Charlie James

Screen Shot 2016 11 15 at 6.52.34 PM 600x449 Artillery 10 Year Anniversary

Norton Wisdom, Wayne Picard

lauralondonpatcorreia Artillery 10 Year Anniversary

Patricia Correia, Laura London, Eva Chimento

sydbrent Artillery 10 Year Anniversary

Brent, Sydney Terrill

After Cat Museum, Kinney was at it again at the mic, with newish Publisher Sydney Terrill, introducing the comedy act Guy Richards Smit from New York. Unfortunately the party was in overdrive and Smit had too much competition. (We were told he made up for it at the Ace Hotel the following Friday.) Other artists and gallerists included Patricia Correia, Laura London, Patricia Hamilton, John O’Brien, Margie Schnibbe, Michael J. Walker, Carol Cetrone, Debbie Spinelli, Kio Griffith, Kim Schoenstadt, Jill Moniz, Jud Fine, Barbara McCarren, Liz Gordon, Kathy Gallegos and more I’m sure I missed!

performer Artillery 10 Year Anniversary

Performance artist

All during the party, collector cum photographer Marlene Picard was snapping away, recording an historic moment in Los Angeles art, and the hosts of all hosts, Robert Berman—a stalwart of the LA art community—made sure the evening was truly a success and a night to remember. Happy Birthday Artillery! You sure know how to party.

robtme Artillery 10 Year Anniversary

Robert Berman, Tulsa Kinney

Photos by Marlene Picard of Picard Picks, and Lynda Burdick