An Arty Halloween

An Arty Halloween

Aside from the leering ancient goblin who haunted the bar at Richard Heller Gallery, Saturday night at the spooky Bergamot Station was perfect for any art-loving monster with a sense of humor. In order to gaze in pensive awe upon Andrew Ho’s drawings, we were first forced to experience horrific, Lisa Frank-inspired work: black with lurid rainbow patterns, coated in an offensive amount of glitter. Meanwhile, in the parking lot, a family of leopards hung out with their cubs, eating veggie pizza and slurping Tecate (where there’s art, there’s Tecate). Dr. Frankenstein shuffled by with his terrier, grinned at the father leopard playing with his toddler, and exclaimed, “Look what I did with my little boy, I turned him into a doggy!”

LASTNIGHT10.312 An Arty Halloween


Around the corner from Heller’s, we discovered a space as silent as the grave: Peter Fetterman Gallery, where a ghost was dying to tell us about the old photographs crowding the walls. As the clock struck eight, we hurried back to Heller hoping for any last-minute handouts of cheap wine and diet coke—we were not disappointed.

LASTNIGHT10.213 An Arty Halloween


Next we Lyfted over to Arena 1 Gallery, which is hosting a group show, “KAUS: Straight Outta Rotterdam,” as part of their Los Angeles-Rotterdam artist exchange program. It was basically a Dutch Halloween party, featuring costumes such as an ’80s dance instructor in pink leg warmers, a mustached-ship captain, and a three-piece suit made entirely of Pac-Man ghosts. A giant squirrel got a little too excited about reuniting with a bumblebee—his tail swung wincingly close to a freestanding sculpture. We interviewed Vytras Sakalas, a Paul Klee-esque painter who typically spends about 12 years on his paintings and hails the power of magic mushrooms. Lastly, check out Yossi Govrin’s studio: it looks like an Anthropologie window display on crack.