Rachel Lauren Kaster at Gallery 825

Rachel Lauren Kaster

unnamed 199x300 Rachel Lauren Kaster at Gallery 825

Hatching, 2014

Rachel Kaster creates startlingly effective visual conversations between seemingly disparate objects including glass, found wood and bronze. Many of Kaster’s visual relationships depend on tangible visceral associations; glass is so fragile, yet within this fragility is the possibility of violence, beautiful and seductive as it is. For example, drawing from the natural world as a source of inspiration and imagination, Kaster juxtaposes the warmth and familiarity of natural wood with the strangely disconcerting image of a glass axe. Kaster’s objects function in much the same way a lyrical poem might, unexpectedly shifting, yet ultimately remaining true to an essential and undeniable  human impulse. 

Eve Wood

Gallery 825
Rachel Kaster
Ambitious Implements
825 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069
April 26 – May 23, 2014