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August Art is Hot!

We headed up to MOAH on Saturday, where it wasn’t just the summer wind that was hot in Lancaster. While ...
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Sizzling Art Summer

The summer sizzles when it comes to art in LA, with a wonderfully eclectic collection of art events this past ...
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All That Jazz

Last week we had the delight of attending The Broad museum’s “Black Fire Sessions.” Before even stepping through the doors, ...
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‘What is Fun Hang?’ Begins the press release of Jools Braiman-Rothblatt’s summer exhibition at Karma International, presenting works by Alex ...
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Art Beyond the Red, White, and Blue

Yes, it was a holiday weekend, but the art flag still waved after the fireworks and BBQ subsided. On Saturday ...
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LA Does Not Vacay

It’s summer and in cities like New York and London, galleries seem to take a little breather; we’ve all received ...
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From Flowers to Flat Files

This weekend we shook up the typical gallery openings with some new experiences. On Thursday, we kicked off our weekend ...
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Nature & Nurture

At the Beacon Arts Complex in Inglewood, artists from studios in this building and from 1019 West just down the ...
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Stories About Impossible Decisions

Last Thursday night I braved the fiercely blustering wind and joined the trickle of funky-fresh San Francisco locals snaking through ...
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A Night of Metallica!

This past Saturday was stacked with a number of intriguing openings, so we decided to join the sea of gallerygoers ...
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Videos on Hollywood Blvd

Last Thursday night I walked amongst the hoards of tourists, along the Hollywood walk of fame and arrived at my ...
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Passionate Projects in the Art Scene

A wide range of passion-filled projects added excitement to the art scene this past weekend, ranging from a stellar three-artist ...
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Body remnants, and other impressions

This past Saturday there were an exciting array of openings to attend, but top on my list was in lieu ...
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“The Conspiracy of Art: Part I” at Chateau Shatto

The Conspiracy of Art: Part I; a prelude or forward Entering the Bendix Building, at which Chateau Shatto is located ...
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Holding ‘Sway’ at the Brand and More

The exhibition not to miss this past weekend was the jam-packed opening at the Brand Library and Gallery in Glendale ...
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Conspiracy & Otherworldliness

Last Saturday night, we hopped over to the opening reception at Nicodim Gallery featuring works of Mi Kafchin in her thought-provoking ...
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Los Angeles DIY Scene

Last Thursdays’ opening reception for this years’ Los Angeles Art Book Fair was an interconnected web of the art publishing community ...
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Walking Into Spring

The spring edition of the Brewery Art Walk was in full swing this weekend, drawing art lovers, fellow artists, and ...
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Visual Poetry

Last Saturday night, we hopped over to Baert Gallery to check out their new opening, Territorios y Mapas, featuring the ...
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This Land is My Land

Matthew Brown Gallery’s second opening was eagerly anticipated; especially after an impressive and overwhelmingly well-attended debut last month premiering Yale ...
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