Gallery Rounds

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Josh Jefferson Picking a Crown web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Zevitas Marcus:

Josh Jefferson

Is a collage comprised of assembled painted canvases a collage, a painting, or assemblage art? Does the semantics even matter? ...
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1 C Mallison K Fukazawa L Gipe web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Brand Library & Art Center:


Whatever one’s disposition, “ONE YEAR: The Art of Politics in Los Angeles” at Glendale’s Brand Library & Art Center provides ...
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GALLA80360 web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles:

Ellen Gallagher

There’s a lot to learn from Ellen Gallagher’s new exhibition. For example, it turns out Herman Melville was an Afrofuturist ...
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LS Water Bearer web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>


Black Radical Women

Rallying against overwhelmingly white, male perspectives in art history, “We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women, 1965-85” at the California ...
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Phyllis Green RVD 5775 Med 2 web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Chimento Contemporary:

Phyllis Green

Spiritual aspirations present this fundamental dilemma: we exist as physical beings in a material world of far more palpable empirical ...
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Schapiro1 web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Honor Fraser:

Miriam Schapiro

Admirers of feminist artist Miriam Schapiro’s (1923-2015) work may be surprised to learn that this influential woman who founded the ...
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NG WK In Absentia Deep Blue White 2017 web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Night Gallery:

Wanda Koop

In her first exhibition in Los Angeles, Winnipeg-based artist Wanda Koop investigates the idea of dislocation. This dislocation is reflected in ...
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7 Carpe Diem web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

USC Fisher Museum:

James hd Brown

USC Fisher Museum’s “James hd Brown: Life and Work in Mexico” is one of the few PST: LA/LA shows devoted ...
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TaiyoWatanabe Ferrari REDCAT 5 web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>


León Ferrari

In a letter to a fellow Argentine artist living in Paris, León Ferrari wrote, “We produce culture for our ideological ...
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Cody Norris Its Only Castles Burning web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Bermudez Projects:

Cody Norris

“Still Remains” is a small but provocative installation of twenty contemporary landscape paintings by Cody Norris in which the artist ...
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131 Araoz Elizabeth Lippman web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>


Focus on PST: LA/LA

Along a lonely stretch of Main Street extending from Union Station to the Brewery Arts Complex, largely defined by seafood ...
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KAJAHL Baroque Classic III Oil on canvas over panel 30x24 inches web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Richard Heller Gallery:


Kajahl’s paintings vivify ancient statues, presenting them as dignified, mysterious multicultural personae. Embodying Western clichés from bygone eras, the characters ...
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