Diane Cockerill Ce n'est plus pas un palmier 2019 Arts District, Los Angeles Digital Photograph

Diane Cockerill Ce n'est plus pas un palmier 2019 Arts District, Los Angeles Digital Photograph


Winners & Finalists

Congratulations to our winner Diane Cockerill and our finalists. Cockerill’s photo is seen above and first in our photo gallery. Her image is also printed in the September/October issue of Artillery. The following photographs are the finalists from the September/October contest. Please see info below how to enter for our next November/December 2019 issue.


CODE ORANGE is a recent added Artillery feature; a web-based, issue-oriented photography contest curated by LA artist and photographer Laura London. Winning entries will be published in Artillery and finalists will appear online. CODE ORANGE is a documentary project and outlet for artists to express how they feel about the current state of the world.

Tumultuous times like ours have historically produced some of the most interesting, captivating and timeless art; we hope to find and share similar works today. Images submitted should capture how our country and the world is affected by political, environmental change, social, personal, universal, identity issues. Photographs can be produced using a film or digital camera or smart phone. Black-and-white and or color images are accepted.

Twelve photos are selected by London and will appear on our website, and the winner’s photo to be published in our bi-monthly print edition of Artillery.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your photographic submission.

DEADLINE for next contest is OCTOBER 11, 2019 

Specifications for photo submissions:
• Only one photo per person
• FOR WEB: 72 dpi; 600 pixels wide. (hang onto your original large file in case you are selected for print publication)
• Include: Artist Name, Title, Date, Place, and Medium (in that specific order)
• Email your photograph entry to lauralondon@artillerymag.com