Sergio Garcia, "The great escape," metal and wood school desk assemblage, 25" x 40" x 40".

Fueled by Youth

Sergio Garcia’s Sculptural Surrealism

The sculptures of Sergio Garcia contain an otherworldly essence. Like relics from an alternate dimension created by Salvador Dali, Henry Darger and Kaz Oshiro, Garcia’s…
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Façade of the Magoski Arts Colony.

Alternative Orange

Scenes Behind the Curtain

The artistic landscape behind the orange curtain—aka the Orange County line—is vastly different from that of Los Angeles with its numerous galleries, studios, co-ops and…
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L.J. Roberts, We Couldn’t Get In. We Couldn’t Get Out, (2006-7)

“Alien She”

Orange County Museum of Art

The Riot Grrrl movement, which emerged in reaction to the male-dominance and sexism that infused West Coast punk scenes in the 1990s, spawned a subcultural…
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Lita Albuquerque, Particle Horizon, 2014, photo by Eric Stoner, courtesy of Laguna Art Museum.

Lita Albuquerque

Laguna Art Museum, Peter Blake Gallery / Los Angeles

Lita Albuquerque transformed the Orange County community of Laguna Beach in November for the Laguna Art Museum’s (LAM) second annual Art + Nature. This multidisciplinary…
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Cumulus (2013),  Matthew Moore and Braden King.  Image by Matthew Gush.  Courtesy of Grand Central Art Center

Let there be clouds

Reflecting on the LA Aqueduct in Santa Ana

As the Los Angeles Aqueduct celebrates its 100-year anniversary this month, many art institutions and organizations are showing support in their exhibition programming. Grand Central…
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