Illustration by Petra Larsen

Illustration by Petra Larsen



Dear Babs, I like Artillery because there is a variety of art and articles. Most recently I was shocked (kind of) like you when Anonymous, Los Angeles wrote you with the title “I Get No Kick From Champagne.” The writer explained “I was invited to a private art preview and cocktail party” and even went on that most likely attendees would be traveling at least two hours since it was hosted by a prestigious Los Angeles gallery and museum. The writer was upset about the no cocktail and lousy appetizers. 

Let me explain why I was shocked at the writer’s woes and your reply.

Apparently, and it seems obvious, that both of you want to be involved with what you call the “art world” for the prestigious cocktails and snacks. What shocks me is that the writer drove two hours for something other than art. The writer wanted to be involved with a “prestigious art world” and when the snacks didn’t add up she wanted to tell you about it. And the most shocking detail that was completely avoided was the art. No mention of the art. I have driven and flown across the country to view art. And I don’t remember the food and beverage. Here lies the problem with your (or our) so called “art world.” Art is not for everybody. There are lots of worlds.  —Kevin Ware, Laguna Beach, CA

Dear Kevin, What’s the harm in mixing a little libations with an art event? That doesn’t necessarily cancel out the art. I was asked to define a cocktail, and what a cocktail event might entail. Cocktails anyone? I could sure use one now, and make mine a double please!


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