Artillery Publisher Anna Bagirov

Artillery Publisher Anna Bagirov

Art, Ice & Lies

Artillery Launch party at Ace Hotel Rooftop; Kim Dingle closing

Artillery celebrated its November/December issue launch party on the Ace Hotel rooftop bar last Friday. The joint was jumpin’ with nonstop performances, dancing and drinking. Besides the usual suspects—Artillery staff and writers—loads of Artillery fans showed to have a drink, er, two or more. The crowd got on their feet none too soon to the tunes of DJ Harley and DJ Mishka of the famed KXLU radio station that kicks ass—arguably the best radio station in the basin.

christian Art, Ice & Lies

Co-sponsored event by La-based startup Admission’s Christian McArdle-Hankin with Sophie Seymour

alexia lewis Art, Ice & Lies

Artist Alexia Lewis and Artillery staffer.

The expensive drinks tasted sweet under the clear starry skies of downtown Los Angeles. In the pool area of the rooftop bar, Claudia Huiza performances with ice took place to a den of onlookers and sponsors and collectors, a preview of Rochambeau, if you will, of an installation that will be taking place in Miami—only a few weeks away now! This was a rare treat indeed for anyone that was able to attend.

ice sculpture Art, Ice & Lies

Ice wall

ice crowd Art, Ice & Lies

Ice peeps: Claudia in the blue pants and Diane Allen (founding member of Desert X) next to Megan Geckler.

The ice quickly melted with the hot, sweaty throngs of art lovers surrounding the wall of ice. Dealers Luis De Jesus and Jay Wingate of Luis De Jesus gallery heated things up with both of their artists in attendance: Brooklyn artist Josh Reames, whose show is currently up and Ken Gonzales-Day whose show just came down but still remains on everyone’s mind.

walter crowd Art, Ice & Lies

Brenda Williams, Walter Maciel, Karen Rosner, Jake Martinez

Another Culver City comrade stopped by, Walter Maciel. Gallerists Diane Rosenstein made an appearance with her new beau as well as DTLA dealers Jason Vass, and Carl Berg and Cori Redstone from the newest happening downtown DENK gallery.

zak smith Art, Ice & Lies

Zak Smith: stories for a quarter

If ice wasn’t your thing, you could walk to the other side of the bar where Zak Smith, artist-cum-adult porn star-cum-writer (Artillery columnist too!) held court with several different stories to thrill all pervs. “Sex with Nazis”, for one. If you had a quarter, you got at least three-to-four minutes of Smith’s authentic stories, whether you believed it or not. It was hard not to take part in this activity, given the affordability and the entertainment value. Although it became harder and harder to hear him as the night wore on with the music and increased volume of the liquored-up guests.

laura grover Art, Ice & Lies

Portraitist Alex Schaefer painting Publicist Laura Grover

mary woronov w bro jane Art, Ice & Lies

Victor Woronov, Mary Woronov, Jane Cantillon

tyler hubby Art, Ice & Lies

Filmmaker Tyler Hubby stopped by for a drink.

stuart kusher Art, Ice & Lies

Sculptor Stuart Kusher retired his chisel for a cocktail…

If your pockets were just a bit deeper, you could invest in a real oil painting for under 50 bucks! Plein-air artist Alex Schaefer was working the night away, portrait after portrait. His mastery never faltered, although beware, flattery isn’t his forte! (I just know I’ll learn to love my portrait—20 years from now.) Schaefer was working overtime, while artists taking off the night poured in for a Friday night cocktail: Lisa Adams in tow with Dark Bob, Judie Bamber, Mark Jay Johnson, David DiMichele, Ann Weber, Susan Anderson, Miles Regis, Martin Durazo, Stuart Kusher, Johnny Naked, Gary Brewer, Aline Mare, Tm Gratkowski. Artillery columnist and famed Warhol player Mary Woronov made an appearance with her brother, Victor, who just arrived in town. Jane Cantillon and Richard Ross were able to take the night off from the stage while Josie Roth left her instrument at home too.

kim dingle samantha fields Art, Ice & Lies

Samantha Fields with Kim Dingle on right

kim light Art, Ice & Lies

Kim Light as bartender

And if you had any energy left, Saturday was the closing of Kim Dingle‘s show at Susanne Vielmetter in Culver City. An impromptu reception had former dealer Kim Light pouring watermelon martinis to Dingle admirers’ Artillery staff writer Ezrha Jean Black, and Karen Rosner to say good-bye to Priss… hope to see you around again.

priss Art, Ice & Lies


Photos by Van Jordon and Lynda Burdick