Heros at Carter & Citizen


at Carter & Citizen

  Richard Tuttle said “There are artists who know from the bottom of their souls that art is about the experience of reality. The reason…
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Linder at Blum & Poe


at Blum & Poe

The recent retrospective of photographer, performance artist and counterculture British punk icon, Linder, at Blum & Poe is a rigorous if somewhat hysterically provocative critique…
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Film still from Bruce Ballie's All My Life, 1966

Visionary filmmaker BRUCE BAILLIE

A not-to-be-missed retrospective at REDCAT and the Hammer

Screenings of Bruce Baillie’s visionary short films are uncommon in the movie capital of the world, to say nothing of the known—or at least the…
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Mitch Weiss, NYC Skylines, 2013

Moskowitz Gallery: Inaugural exhibition

Ever-expanding art galleries in Hollywood

The inaugural show at the newly opened Moskowitz Gallery on La Brea Avenue brings together the work of four young and talented artists: Alexa Guargilia,…
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Gregory Michael Hernandezat Roberts & Tilton

Gregory Michael Hernandez

at Roberts & Tilton

Gregory Michael Hernandez makes maps, composite environments, deliberate negotiations into our collective humanity as a means of locating what appears to be a seemingly and…
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Steven Hullat Rosamund Felsen

Steven Hull

at Rosamund Felsen

The inside of Steven Hull’s brain could be likened to a flowering tree in constant bloom. His newest effort, “Balcony” is an exploration into the…
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