Gallery Rounds

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9 Hokusai Great Wave web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Japan Foundation Los Angeles:

Manga Hokusai Manga

Manga, the comic book genre, and Katsushika Hokusai, the legendary Japanese artistic genius who deeply influenced its creative roots are ...
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2. KUITC79219 hires web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Hauser & Wirth:

Guillermo Kuitca

Argentina sometimes tosses the world an indescribably singular artist. There was Leon Ferrari, whose Vietnam-era political pieces inspired widespread spite ...
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SYMRIN1 web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Kate’s Little Angel:

the living + soft center

Beauty and the grotesque, foreign and familiar poetically intersect in “the living + soft center” at Kate’s Little Angel, an ...
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Melinda R Smith I fought bloody hard in this war 2018 web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Coagula Curatorial:

Michael Massenburg, Melinda R. Smith

Michael Massenburg’s paintings eddy about the boundaries of figuration and abstraction. The artist’s acrylic on paper and acrylic and collage ...
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5 14 2019 YorkChangArtInstall 20 web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Vincent Price Art Museum:

York Chang

Littered with newsprint—though not from an actual newspaper, but instead, oversized diptychs (34 x 21 inches) printed with news photographs ...
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1125 web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

As Is:

Roy Dowell

Roy Dowell seems to be forever attempting to reconcile physical actualities or their aftermaths with moments of apprehension or anticipation, ...
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Gavlak LANG VG 2019 004 web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Gavlak Los Angeles:

Vanessa German

As noted in 1001 Things Everyone Should Know about African American History (1996) by Jeffrey Stewart, Althea Gibson received her ...
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Augusta Wood Monstera Silhouette 2019 small high res web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>


Augusta Wood

Different memories within each of our lives are associated with some space and with distinct details that carry the narrative ...
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g.rosenberg glitch heavy web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Steve Turner LA:

Gabby Rosenberg

If the wallet of your heart is running low, then Gabby Rosenberg’s “Night Pockets” provides enough spare change for your ...
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KenPriceRSL.1936 Untitled 2 web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Kayne Griffin Corcoran:

Ken Price

Fantasy and reality encroach upon each another in “Works on Paper 1967-1995” by Ken Price (1935-2012) at Kayne Griffin Corcoran ...
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cat house dreamhouse punk house web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Serious Topics:

Dreamhouse Vs. Punk House (plus Cat house)

For “Dreamhouse Vs. Punk House (plus Cat House),” nearly 200 artists made works averaging 4 x 4 inches to be ...
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Korty 5 web 470x260 <ns>Gallery Rounds</ns>

Night Gallery:

David Korty

David Korty’s early works called to mind the paintings of Alex Katz and Luc Tuymans as they flattened space, often ...
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