Gallery Rounds

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LA Municipal Art Gallery:


Offal, a group exhibition featuring 45 Los Angeles-based contemporary artists at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, works at finding ...
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Mary Corse: A Survey in Light

Los Angeles-based artist Mary Corse is known as one of the few women involved in the 1960s and 1970s West ...
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Heather James Palm Desert:

Theaster Gates, Sam Gilliam, and Rodney McMillian

A group exhibition at Heather James Palm Desert, “Material and Abstraction: Theaster Gates, Sam Gilliam, and Rodney McMillian,” explores abstraction and ...
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Gavlak Los Angeles:

Jose Alvarez (D.O.P.A.)

Detention, deportation, refugee, criminal, other: these are terms that have blanketed the news in the last few years, and are ...
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LA Louver:

Terry Allen

Terry Allen rocks. In two sold out concerts at the Frogtown club Zebulon, presented in conjunction with his exhibition, “The ...
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Craft Contemporary:

The RIDDLE Effect

Walking into the 3rd floor gallery of Craft Contemporary, which is filled with disparate objects and images, what a viewer ...
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Rose Gallery:

Richard Ehrlich

Richard Ehrlich is a photographer and a long time Malibu resident whose exhibition “27 Miles: Abstract Truth” is presented, in ...
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Riverside Art Museum:

Todd Gray

If math is not your strongest suite, then Todd Gray’s art will shape-shift your perceptions of geometry. Currently on display ...
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East 26 Projects:

Lev Rukhin

Before fashionable Londoners removed most of the iconic red phone boxes from their streets—and converted them into enviable shower cubicles—they ...
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Vielmetter Los Angeles:

Raffi Kalenderian

Raffi Kalenderian’s solo exhibition “Memento Vivo” (Remember to Live) is a meditation on painting as much as it is a ...
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Japan Foundation Los Angeles:

Manga Hokusai Manga

Manga, the comic book genre, and Katsushika Hokusai, the legendary Japanese artistic genius who deeply influenced its creative roots are ...
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Hauser & Wirth:

Guillermo Kuitca

Argentina sometimes tosses the world an indescribably singular artist. There was Leon Ferrari, whose Vietnam-era political pieces inspired widespread spite ...
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