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September-October 2019

Dear Reader The number 13 is usually considered to be a sign of misfortune, but when you land on it in an unexpected way it... Read More

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Tarry Nights at LACMA; New Director for ICA LA; R.I.P. Cynthia Maughan & Don Suggs

Tarry Nights at LACMA It’s summer, but the traffic is as bad as ever, and the art world continues to percolate.   Yours Truly recently came upon an evening concert... Read More

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Creative Inferno: Mr. Chow

Restaurateur/Artist Mr. Chow Sets Off Smoke Alarms

Before I interview Mr. Chow, he sets my copy of his book on fire. After smashing large Sharpies onto a blank page of the book... Read More

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California Dreaming: Go West Gallerists

Go West Gallerists

The Los Angeles art world is far from monolithic, but if there’s one thing you are certain to overhear at every gathering, it’s an expression... Read More

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Legendary Clay: AMOCA

American Museum of Ceramic Art

Ceramics is real-world alchemy, where a material mined from the earth is magically transformed by human ingenuity. I love the fact that the result can... Read More

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Mindful Parking: 5 Car Garage

5 Car Garage Has Spots for Spatial and the Spiritual

5 Car Garage is located in an alleyway in a residential neighborhood in Santa Monica. While it is not far from Bergamot Station, visitors to... Read More

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Going the Distance

All Roads Lead to Art

Los Angeles, being what it is—a big, sprawling desert grid with almost as many art galleries these days as there are Starbucks—can seem overwhelming when... Read More

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Colorizing the Art World

Museums Bringing Black from the Back

There is still a sense of shock over racially charged policies out of Washington that feel out of line with the West Coast’s progressive ethos.... Read More

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Winners & Finalists

Congratulations to our winner Diane Cockerill and our finalists. Cockerill’s photo is seen above and first in our photo gallery. Her image is also printed in the... Read More

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Quality Is Subjective

Pick of the Week Columnist Annabel Osberg’s busy schedule

As Artillery’s “Pick of the Week” columnist, I review a notable LA show every Wednesday. Each Pick is a one-paragraph critical snapshot of a show... Read More

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Hot Summer in the City

Under the Broad-Walk

Summer festivities abound in the warmer weather. There’s New York’s Shakespeare in the Park, the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, and Cinespia Cemetery Screenings at... Read More

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Assemblage, Nicodim Gallery Opening, Los Angeles, 2018

Read More

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Perhaps the best-known configuration of the ever-shifting alliances within the legendary Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS) is the art-noise supergroup Extended Organ (XO). There’s... Read More

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Fidelity to the Chair

“The only principle in art is balance,” this was my high school art teacher and she was great—but that was hack advice. If you’re trying... Read More

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“I am a wound and a sword, a victim and an executioner” are the first words that appear on the screen. A tender love scene... Read More

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Interview with Felicia Filer

Felicia Filer is the Public Art Division Director at the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. DCA is committed to the creation and... Read More

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Betty Woodman

David Kordansky Gallery

No conversation about the history of ceramics in art, especially about works created by female artists, would be complete without mention of Betty Woodman. The... Read More

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Ann Weber

Dolby Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco

When Ann Weber began working on her current series of monumental sculptures made from recycled cardboard, vitriolic rhetoric about constructing a border wall dominated the... Read More

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María Berrío

Kohn Gallery

Born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1982, María Berrío moved to the U.S. at the age of 18. Childhood recollections of exploring her family’s rural mountainside... Read More

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Sarah Lucas

Hammer Museum

“Well-behaved women seldom make history,” asserted historian, Harvard professor, and Pulitzer Prize winner Laurel Thatcher Ulrich in the 1970s about why women who act in... Read More

Gustavo Acosta Trophy 2019. Courtesy of Latin American Masters 150x150 <ns>Contents SEPT 2019</ns>

Gustavo Acosta

Latin American Masters

Gustavo Acosta is a Cuban-born, Miami-based painter whose skillful renderings of the urban landscape merge various techniques of paint application. In his latest works, realistic... Read More

Javier Peláez Broken Tree 7 2019 150x150 <ns>Contents SEPT 2019</ns>

Javier Peláez

William Turner Gallery

It feels like Javier Peláez is working through something, the kind of profound human experience whose emotions formulate universal psychological archetypes. In a series of... Read More

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Genevieve Gaignard

Vielmetter Los Angeles

It is not Genevieve Gaignard’s brazen truths, stinging though they are, but her subtle pricks that linger worryingly— Remember This House (2019) places a portrait... Read More

MB Landers The Joys 2019 WEB 150x150 <ns>Contents SEPT 2019</ns>

Brandon Landers


In Brandon Landers’ debut solo exhibition at M+B, the Bakersfield-based, LA-born and raised artist delivers a collection of expressionistic and loosely narrative paintings that draw... Read More

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